Although I’d spent a lot of time building my skills, I often felt confused about my next steps before reaching out to Katherine. I was stuck in perfectionism and fear of failure, and my loud inner judge was often in the driver’s seat.

After a lifetime of checking off boxes for other people, I longed to figure out what was true for me and develop the ability to trust myself and show up boldly.

Katherine provided the space, guidance, and kind yet firm accountability I needed to get clear about what is important to me and my next steps toward my vision.

From the beginning of our work together, she was dependable, organized, responsive, and constant wealth of knowledge and support. Her questions and observations always helped me unearth new insights. Having the consistent time to review my progress and celebrate helped so much.

Working with Katherine, I discovered that I have the power to choose—what I do, how I do it, and how I feel about myself and about my circumstances. I developed the courage to put myself out there and try things that I wouldn’t have tried in the past because I was afraid of disappointing myself.

I am now so much kinder to myself, and I comfort myself when I feel discomfort. I trust that I have the practices I need to support my vision for a long time to come.

Oriana Falkowski – Money Map Coach


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