For more than three decades, I had a rewarding career as a high school teacher, middle school assistant principal, elementary principal, science supervisor, and assistant superintendent. In each position, I dedicated everything I had to my work. I typically worked 55 to 60 hours a week, largely engaged in fast-paced and high-stress problem-solving. I loved my work and was very successful at it, but once our three children moved out, my wife and I began contemplating a next phase. I knew to move on, I had to do something different.

My wife worked with Katherine as her coach for two years, and I’d seen the positive changes that coaching made to her already successful business. As we discussed how to change my work and our personal lives, she suggested I work with Katherine. I participated in two of Katherine’s free group sessions, which—in just two hours—provided useful tools that helped me experience change. So I decided to start coaching!

Since my twenties, I’ve read texts and attended seminars about marketing, goal setting, and personal growth. None came close to working with Katherine. Her approach helped me develop both a better mindset and a practical skillset for starting my own consultancy. She helped me identify and overcome habits that were no longer helpful and replace them with more productive and healthy behaviors.

Now, when facing a difficult choice or juggling too many tasks at once, I refer back to the goals Katherine helped me develop to prioritize and make the right decision. My mind is still overflowing with ideas, problems to address, and random thoughts, so now I journal daily, which helps me set them aside for reflection at my leisure. And when things get too intense, I now pause and return my attention to my body and mind.

A few weeks before leaving my career of thirty-three years, I had consulting work lined up that was meaningful, lucrative, and within my wheelhouse. I credit Katherine with helping me make my new calling a reality, find more joy and balance in my life, and develop the tools to continue moving forward.

-Marc Natanagara, Authentic Learning LLC


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