Katherine helped me to access the courage to leave a job I had been in for over 25 years, which was holding me back on many levels. I’ve gone from feeling anxious in the pit of my stomach to feeling inner peace, strength, comfort, and confidence to take on my world.

Katherine has an innate sense of knowing where to go in each session. She pulls out of me what I need to focus on without thinking there’s anything wrong with me and helps me to connect the dots with self-compassion. Katherine has become the voice of affirmation and support on my shoulder as I go through my days. She does not tell me what to do, and she does not try to fix me. Instead, she teaches me how to listen to myself.

I wholeheartedly recommend Katherine to anyone who wants to organize their life, up their game, and embark on a journey of connecting to who they truly are!

Sally – Jeweler


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