When I first came to Katherine, I’d been trying to get a health coaching practice off the ground for a couple of years. I was stuck in a cycle of not feeling good about myself and then procrastinating and feeling even worse. I sought Katherine’s support to get clear about my next career steps and rediscover my sense of confidence.

Before working with Katherine, I felt a sense of paralysis around taking action. I would leap from one idea to the next. I’d get attached to each new idea and then discouraged when they didn’t work out.

Prior to working with Katherine, I’d done a lot of inner reflection but continued to flounder around in questions like— What do I want to do? Who am I? What do I have to offer?

With Katherine’s support, I learned to reflect in a way that moved me forward rather than sending me down a rabbit hole.

The structure Katherine provided built a ladder of self-sufficiency that got me out of my hole and kept me accountable for moving forward.

Katherine picked up on cues that I wasn’t aware of. She would often say something like “I noticed you keep using this word or your body language changed when we talked about this idea.” Or she would point out important things in my daily work— things that went well or not well. I needed this support and reflection to get clear on what was next.

I realized that I was passionate about helping people with chronic illness and wanted to my clients help build practical support structures instead of asking each person to rely on themselves.

To get a better understanding of what people with chronic illness needed, I conducted a series of interviews. I discovered is that virtually no coaches were working in this area, and the number one challenge that people mentioned in my interviews was financial stress. Discovering that was my turning point toward social work.

Because of the work I’d done with Katherine, I realized that I didn’t have to completely abandon coaching, which I was passionate about. I just had to rethink it, and that felt safe.

I start exploring Masters in Social Work programs, talking to social workers, and attending information sessions. Finally, I decided to apply.

Each step I took with Katherine’s guidance helped me get clear on what was next— a career in social work.

I got in and started like two and a half months later.

Now, school is going really well. I feel so much energy and excitement. I’m so much happier working and interacting with other people who are thinking about things in a similar way.

Rosie Perera – Social Work


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