When I approached Katherine for leadership coaching, I felt bored and isolated at my job. My skills weren’t being utilized, and I was lacking confidence about my ability to contribute to my organization.

So my therapist recommended working with Katherine. Initially, I was reluctant to ask for help. I thought I should be able to figure this out on my own. I was also afraid of how change would affect my life outside of work. But, in retrospect, if I hadn’t done coaching, I might have made a rash change out of frustration.

Coaching with Katherine really got me thinking outside of my little, isolated box and opened up an awareness of possibility. Even the act of contacting Katherine opened up possibilities. I started thinking bigger, about what I really wanted to do. In response to my internal shifts, opportunities started showing up.

Coaching helped me to shift my role at work. Before, I was caught in the weeds doing mostly technical work. Now, I have a new position as the point person for a strategic program to increase accessibility in online user experience. It’s fascinating work, and I’m loving it.

Before I met Katherine, I struggled with the “fear of getting started” or what I called FOGS. Katherine taught me to stop worrying, calm my mind, and choose my next step with wisdom. I still rely on the practices she taught me to manage my workload without feeling overwhelmed and get started on things easily.

Whereas before, I wasn’t very communicative, I now communicate early, often, and well. Opening myself up to working with other people was key to my current success. When you have more people on a positive page with you, the work gets done better.

After taking that first step to get help, everything started snowballing in a really positive direction. Once my work improved, it opened everything else up too, like family and friendships. It still fascinates me how working on one piece of your life ripples out in so many directions.

Matt – IT Director


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