Before working with Katherine, I was going through a really intense period on my committee.

I had never experienced work this stressful, and it felt impossible to wade through the intense disagreements and bureaucratic chaos with any sense of calm or clarity.

My group consists of an interesting mix of demographics, generations and communication styles, and I was focused on making sure everyone else’s needs were met. I was starting to feel taken advantage of, and interactions with certain people were triggering a lot of anxiety. I worried that in order to be a successful chairperson, I was going to have to adopt an authoritarian leadership style that I didn’t identify with.

In a search for support addressing conflicts between committee members and helping the group work better together, I reached out to Katherine.

Working with Katherine transformed how I communicate.

I had a good amount of self-awareness before working with Katherine, but she helped me recognize my limiting stories and unhelpful ways of communicating and handling stress. I learned to unravel the stories that created anxiety, choose stories that serve me better, and see situations more clearly.

She also helped me get far more grounded in my values and vision. I thought I was clear about these before working together, so the impact was surprising. I now have a much easier time getting out of the weeds and staying centered around my priorities and true motivations.

The communication skills I learned help me to lead with compassion and focus.

In meetings, I learned to listen closely for people’s underlying needs and requests, and as a result, I am a better facilitator. I am able to help others articulate what they need and choose a response that supports my long term vision. When other peoples’ emotions run hot, I’m able to take a step back, remember what is important and understand the other person’s underlying need.

I no longer get hijacked by other people’s agendas or judgements, and I no longer ignore my needs in order to please others.

I’ve become more comfortable with being direct and asking for what I need. As a result, I am now able to satisfy my duties as chairperson of the committee while maintaining healthy boundaries for myself.

I am fascinated and appreciative that the skills I acquired while working with Katherine have helped me to maintain a compassionate view of others AND take better care of my own needs.

Even just observing how Katherine facilitates helped me improve my skills.

If you’re going back and forth about whether to reach out for support, I encourage you to call Katherine!

If you want to get clear on what drives you, your vision and your values, call Katherine. If you want to know what it would it be like to really be supported and seen. If you want to learn to the skills that will help you reach your goals, work with Katherine.

Living in our fast-paced world, we each need a space where we can pause and get quiet. Where we can let the dust settle and see what’s really true and important. Katherine offers this type of space.

If you think this support would feel great, please do yourself the favor and reach out to Katherine.

Adrienne Nunez – Greenfield School Committee Chairperson


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