When I first started working with Katherine as my business coach, I was one year out from the start of my business, feeling confused, overwhelmed and stuck. I knew that my business was not where I wanted it to be, and I was struggling to see my path forward. Katherine helped me figure out what wasn’t working, so I could set some boundaries that would allow me to do the work that I wanted to do. She helped me step fully into my power, claim what I wanted for my business, and provided the resources I needed to get where I wanted to go.

Now a little more than a year since working with Katherine as my business coach, I am incredibly proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish with her guidance. Before, clients were trickling in here and there and weren’t always a good fit. Now, I am attracting ideal clients with ease. I am creating an income for myself that once felt out of reach. Katherine helped me work through a paralyzing fear of being seen and guided me to put my work out there. Because she was able to help me understand this, I was able to overcome this fear and step into work that I’ve always wanted to do: tell my story, share my experiences, and build a following. The future is only looking brighter, and I am incredibly grateful for the solid foundation on which I can grow my business, thanks to Katherine.

Anna Brunelle – Professional Organizer – agratefulspace.com


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