I reached out to Katherine after I purchased a business I’d been running for a couple of years. Our small digital agency had survived a leadership and ownership transition, a dramatic change in the way we did business. It was thriving and successful, but so much had happened so quickly that I hadn’t had the time to do it with intention, to take stock and bring order and goals to its next phase of life — and the next phase of my life with it.

I came to Katherine with a super specific block and through the magic of her intake process, we extracted much larger and more useful challenges for me to work on. Looking back on the breadth of the goals we established together, I am impressed all over again by her ability to ask the right questions and gently push for deeper answers. She seemed to weave big themes together and distill them into tangible, manageable and meaningful steps like it was no big deal, effortless and joyful.

Katherine is an insatiable learner, which makes working with her a total pleasure because she clearly loves what she is doing. It also means her clients have access to a huge range of approaches, practices, the whole wealth of training she’s done herself. It’s a very unique way into coaching that really cultivates wholeness.

I’m so grateful for the way she invited me to embody my professional work and encouraged me to tune in physically, the way a somatic healer would. I had not considered grounding my professional life that way before, but it’s made all the difference.

I’m now communicating my needs to my staff (and myself) more clearly and in a way that elicits support. Together we’re presenting our work in a way that’s attracting the kind of clients we want to work with. I am busier than ever but also somehow operating with a sense of stillness and presence.

I was able to build an alignment between my personal life and my professional life I’d never experienced before. It truly feels like my life and my livelihood — myself and my working self — are integrated now, nurturing each other and reflecting the same values, commitments and aspirations.

-KC Ceccarossi, CEO, Common Media


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