I started working with Katherine as a business coach for my acupuncture business in July 2015. Within the first few months, she helped me hone my mission, clean up my website, and raise my prices. She convinced me—all the way to my gut—that I was selling a valuable service and deserved to make a living doing this work.

By January, I paid off $13,000 worth of debt, coming into the black for the first time in over two years. For the first time since I opened my doors, I now run a for-profit business, not a full-time hobby.

I recommend Katherine for business coaching to anyone from the first days of contemplating a business to the deep throws of established business debt and confusion. She won’t just help you grow your business. She will remind you how to live and love your life.

If you secretly enjoy being broke, Katherine is not the right business coach for you. But if you are hungry to finally make a living that matches the amount of energy you expend in your business, you’d better call her up. Her fee is the down payment on a life of financial success.

Courtney Hill – Acupuncturist – windowofheavenacupuncture.com


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