Welcome to Somatic Practices for Social Change!

I’m so glad you decided to gift yourself this support for growing your sense of calm, confidence, and connection to yourself.

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URL:  https://callingsandcourage.com/somatic-practices/
Password:  4SocialChange

Please save this information somewhere you’ll find it easily and/or bookmark the practice portal URL. I want you to be able to access it easily when you need it!

Finally, you’ll be receiving my Saturday Love Letter to Changemakers. I hope you enjoy these free morsels of support for your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

If you have any questions for me about the somatic practices, the love letters, or my other offerings, feel free to send me an email at katherine@callingsandcourage.com. I’ll do my best to respond to you within the week.

Wishing you so much centeredness, courage, and connection.

In love and solidarity,


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