If you long to overcome conflict, overwhelm, or self-doubt—and move forward in your career with confidence and clarity—I invite you to consider one of  my professional coaching programs.

The Career Clarity Group

The Career Clarity Group is a small group coaching program for people committed to social change. If you long to get clear about the work you want, overcome patterns that cause burnout, and move forward on a path you love, this is for you—The Career Clarity Group.

The Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle is a small group coaching program for women and trans leaders facing conflict, overwhelm, and self-doubt while working toward social change. If you long to heal burnout, transform conflict, and cultivate confidence, this is for you—The Leadership Circle.

Professional Coaching Services

Sometimes, you just want guidance, thought partnership, structured accountability, and care in the privacy of a one-to-one relationship. That’s what you received through my one-to-one coaching services. I invite you to discover more—professional coaching services.

If you’re eager to learn more but not yet ready to commit to a longer coaching program, I invite you first to get a taste of my work and see if we resonate.

Then, when you’re ready, we can go deep on a journey of personal and professional transformation.

Somatic Practices for Social Change—Free!

This free video library includes ten brief videos guiding you through practices to help you soothe your nervous system, tune into inner guidance, and embody leadership presence.

When you consistently engage in these practices, centeredness can become your default state, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Click here to give yourself this gift.

The Priority Needs Wheel

Want a fun and simple way to help you discern what you need and set clear priorities? If so, I invite you to download the Priority Needs Wheel.

In just a few minutes, this practice will help you identify which areas of your life are going well and which need more attention. You’ll come away feeling re-oriented and clearer about what’s next.

Click here to receive your free wheel.

Unsure of what you need? Looking for something else?

I invite you to ask me a question or tell me a bit about what you’re wondering about, and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!

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I write them to help you….

  Remember your wholeness, even in a world that hurts.

  Get clear and confident about your next steps, even in challenging circumstances.

  Make the impact you’re called to make.

  Show up effectively, without burning out.

Together, let’s create a world in which all people have the power and freedom to live their callings.

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