You came to your work because you care deeply about the world. But you’re feeling a bit lost right now and longing for support.

My professional coaching services may be for you if you find yourself in either of the following three situations:

1. Conflict / Leadership / Executive Coaching

You hold an important leadership role in your organization and are responsible for a lot of your team’s success. Whether you’re new to this role or have held it for some time, you’re facing at least one of the following challenges:

  • Interpersonal conflict(s) with your board, staff, supervisor, or colleagues
  • Uncertainty about how to drive your bigger vision forward without dropping balls in your day-to-day work
  • Feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm about everything you have to do, and worries that you’re not doing enough
  • Stress levels that threaten your relationships, health, or emotional wellbeing
  • Waning self-confidence and mounting self-doubt

You’re ready to resolve the current challenges so that you and your team can succeed with your critical work. And so that you don’t burn out.

2. Career Clarity Coaching

You’ve come to a career crossroads, and you’re wondering whether you need to get a different job, change careers, or make some other big work-related change. You feel bewildered about what changes to make and scared of how a change might affect the rest of your life.

You’re also experiencing at least one of the following:

Exhaustion, overwhelm, and a feeling of just being done

  • Frustration with trying unsuccessfully to make changes in your current work
  • Self-doubt, worry, and lots of what ifs about pursuing a new path
  • Guilt about potentially disappointing people or leaving current commitments behind.
  • Longing for a career that makes a real contribution, sustains you financially, and allows you time for rest and connection outside of work

More than anything, you long to get clear and confident about your next steps and to create a career that makes a difference, lights you up, and supports the rest of your life.

3. Mission Mentoring

You have a vision for a project that has the potential for creating change in the world. This might be a new social change consultancy, network, organization, or something else.

You’re excited about the potential that you see, but the tasks ahead feel a bit overwhelming. You realize that you don’t know what you do not know and to be truly successful, you’ll need support.

You long for a thought-partner who can help you bring your vision to life and make it a true success.

Whether you face leadership or career clarity challenges, you’ve probably done a lot of work on yourself.

A lot of what you’ve tried has probably helped somewhat, but it’s not gotten you all the way there.

What’s lacking with most approaches—therapy, leadership training, professional development courses, and so forth—is that they address either personal transformation or professional strategy, but not both. What most of us need is an approach that helps us show up more effectively in our work while also honoring our personal needs.

My professional coaching services can help you cultivate the emotional and strategic skills you need to successfully rise to your challenges. With the right support, you can experience so much more flow and fulfillment.

My experience with Katherine was extremely transformational and led to huge and beautiful changes in my life. I let go of guilt, shame, and apology about following my body and intuition, excavated and realigned with my deeply held values, got clear about who and what I really want in my work life, and rooted more firmly into myself.

The experience was far more effective and transformative than any other therapeutic relationship I’ve ever had.

-Caitlin Marquis, Community Organizer

Most of us come to a point in our lives where we face challenges that are just too great for us to go it alone, where we need steady guidance to get through the scary spots and grow the skills to meet the challenges ahead.

The support we need relies on the following elements, all of which I incorporate into my professional coaching services:

One: Structured Accountability

Insights are short-lived. To turn theory into habit, we must practice over and over again. And to keep practicing and accomplish our big goals, we need more than trainings, courses, retreats, or other one-off professional development experiences. These one-off sources of support can elicit important insights, but they don’t provide the support necessary for integrating them.

Most of us need a structure of ongoing accountability that helps us hold true to our values, stay on track with our goals, and integrate new learnings over time. With steady, sustained practice and ongoing support to stay on track, we can build habits that last a lifetime.

Two: Thought Partnership

Many of us do our best thinking in conversation with a skilled thought partner—someone who can listen deeply, ask insightful questions, offer helpful perspectives, shine light on new possibilities, push us into new areas of understanding, and evolve alongside us and our changing circumstances.

Thought partnership like this may sound like a luxury, but the most cutting-edge organizations understand that this investment is one of the smartest they can make.

Three: Warm Accompaniment

Lakota-Cherokee shaman and psychiatrist Lewis Mehl-Madrona writes that “beyond any technique, relationships are what heal.” We humans need each other to build shelter, mend our wounds, stay safe, and find our way. Research by neuroscientist James Coan shows that hills look steeper and pain feels more intense when we’re alone. In no great story does the adventurer go it alone.

Yet, far too often, organizational and political leaders feel painfully alone with the challenges they face. And when we feel alone, we’re less likely to take risks, experiment with new solutions, learn new lessons, respond in generative ways, and survive the challenging moments whole. We need at least one other human who has our back through the hard times, helps us up when we fall, holds a soft landing place, and celebrates our victories with us.

Four: Systemic Perspective

The factors that hold us back from embodying our full potential often have little to do with us. Intergenerational family and organizational trauma creates dynamics that keep us acting and feeling in ways that we have a hard time making sense of.

When we learn to hold a systemic perspective and recognize the dynamics that have been holding us back, we can far more easily get unstuck and make the changes we long for.

Five: Deep Inner Work

The archetypal question of any great journey is Who am I now? To answer this question, we must cross through many gates—moments of great decision where we must let go of what is no longer serving us in order to step fully into the person we’re called to be now.

Without support, we can get lost in the underworld. With the right support, each gate becomes an opportunity to let go of limiting patterns, heal our trauma, transform our relationship with our wounded parts, and unapologetically claim our power.

Honoring Feelings & Needs

Six: Practical Skill-Building

This complex moment in time demands a complex set of skills, from interpersonal communication and systems thinking, to time management, decision-making, and leadership presence.

Leaders need support cultivating the skills necessary to achieve our desired outcomes, sustain our energy, and show up in ways that make us proud. When we cultivate the skills needed to be successful, we can more easily trust that we’re doing our best no matter what and let go of what is outside our control.

By receiving these six types of support, my professional coaching clients gain the clarity and confidence needed to achieve their goals with excitement and ease.

One year ago, I took a new position leading a global social change initiative, and I found myself doubting my capacity. I explored a number of women’s leadership programs, but Katherine’s approach resonated most. I wanted to create real change in the world, and I wanted to feel fulfilled in that work. I wanted to inspire my team as well.

Before starting professional coaching, I had my doubts. I wasn’t looking for therapy. I remember telling Katherine that this work wasn’t about the personal me, it was about the professional me. But with Katherine’s gentle support and respectful suggestions, over time, it became clear that my learning was not only making me a more confident leader but helping me grow as a person—a daughter, a mother, a friend.

I look forward to every coaching session with Katherine, and I always come out feeling more clear, confident, and armed with new practical ideas to try. Most importantly, most days I’m really fulfilled in my work.

–Beth Bradford, International Child Protection Consultant

Hi! I’m Katherine Golub, MBA, PCC (she/her).

Since 2013, I’ve coached community leaders, organizers, activists, and people who work hard to make a difference in the world. I help my clients overcome workplace conflict, heal burnout, cultivate emotional capacity for their challenging work, create careers they love, and have a surprising amount of fun while they’re at it.

Since I was a high schooler, I’ve organized for social change, first focused on US foreign policy, workers’ rights, and solidarity work in Latin America, and now dedicating my attention at the local level to collective wellbeing and justice as a city councilor in my small town in Western Massachusetts.

I love my work and the fact that it allows me to integrate my passions for personal and collective transformation.

Through practicing what I preach as an organizer, city councilor, business owner, mother, partner, and community member and through supporting hundreds of coaching clients over the past decade-plus, I am convinced that burnout is not inevitable. And that with the right skills and support, social change work can feel deeply fulfilling and life-giving.

You can learn more about my background and professional training on my about page. It would be an honor to get to support you and your work in the world.

When I came to Katherine, I cared so much about my work and the students I serve, but I seemed to lack some mysterious supervision skills, and it appeared the other supervisors had them.

Rather than feeling shame about my challenges like I had before, Katherine and I worked together as a team to help me find healing, growth, and passion again.

Week after week, I noticed positive shifts in my perspective and leadership skills. I developed clarity about the kind of leader I want to be, strengthened my connection with my inner wisdom, learned to trust myself to make important decisions, and developed systems to empower and guide my staff.

I now approach challenges at work with clearer direction and confidence, and I’m far more grounded in my choices at work and in the rest of my life. Rather than feeling anxious about what’s next, I’m excited to be on the journey.

–Meghan Bone, High School Program Director

It brings me great joy to witness my clients cultivating the skills they need to be effective and fulfilled. Here’s a smattering of skills I help my professional coaching clients develop:

Embodying a Centered & Confident Leadership Presence:

1.  Slowing down and pausing before reacting or impulsively moving to fix problems

2.  Settling your nervous system and returning to center, even when you get triggered

3.  Tuning in to your inner guidance and trusting yourself

Clarifying and Focusing On What Matters Most:

4.  Discerning what you truly need and want in your life and work

5.  Holding your core values front and center, even when they conflict with each other

6.  Envisioning the future you long for—for yourself and your community—and holding that vision front and center as you navigate the ups and downs of everyday life

Soothing Shame, Guilt, & Self-Doubt:

7.  Treating yourself with warmth, kindness, and compassion

8.  Letting go of the limiting stories and behavior patterns that hold you back (such as imposter syndrome, perfectionism, victim mentality, guilt, and shame)

9.  Making wise decisions that honor your needs and those of your people

10. Practicing gratitude, celebration, and wellbeing

Getting the Most Important Stuff Done:

11. Creating right-sized expectations for yourself and your people

12. Organizing your life to get the important stuff done and focus on your priorities

13. Planning and implementing effective strategies for policy or program change

Communicating & Navigating Conflict Effectively:

14. Listening with genuine curiosity to others’ ideas and criticism

15. Discerning which feedback to implement and which to let go

16. Saying no in ways that strengthen relationships

17. Making the clear requests and proposals that inspire people to say yes

When I started coaching with Katherine, I was always going above and beyond for people, but I still thought I wasn’t doing enough. I couldn’t prioritize, and I was completely overwhelmed. I also felt numb. I think I knew that if I paid attention to how I felt, I’d realize that what I was doing wasn’t working. But I didn’t think I had other options, so I avoided feeling anything.

With Katherine’s guidance, I’ve reconnected with my body and learned how to identify what I need and what feels right. I am now much better at not taking on everything myself and trusting other people to do things. Instead of being driven by guilt, I’m now guided by seeing where my gifts are most needed. I make choices that serve me and the world more, and I feel more confident about my decisions.

Katherine helps you to notice new opportunities by staying present. I was in this new mindset when I attended a training, realized that I loved it, and took the leap to set up a new program. Whereas before I might have felt tense or worried about an uphill battle, I moved through the process with a sense of ease. If I hadn’t had coaching as a source of support, I might have missed the path that opened up to me.

–Abby, Gender-Based Violence Systems Change Advocate

Through an ongoing relationship of warm accountability, thought partnership, and transformational support, I help my clients achieve the outcomes they seek.

Here’s what my professional coaching services entail:

One: Creating the Container

In our first month together, we’ll create the container for our work: 1) a personalized development plan with skill-based outcomes tailored to meet your needs; 2) a next horizon vision statement; and 3) an embodied commitment statement.

We create this plan in two, two-hour sessions plus back-and-forth communication through email.

Two: Biweekly Coaching Sessions

Over the course of the next five months, we meet twice a month for one-hour coaching sessions. We begin each session by celebrating what’s new and good related to our work together and getting centered. Then, we identify and focus on what you want to take away from the session. By the end of the session, you will almost always come away with what you wanted at the beginning.

The focus of professional coaching sessions varies greatly and is based on your needs. For example, in one day, I might help clients prepare to facilitate a conversation about workplace equity; figure out how to honor conflicting needs such as solitude and collaboration; and heal intergenerational trauma underlying job-search procrastination.

We close each session by setting right-sized action steps for the weeks ahead and writing them in your development plan.

Three: Weekly Check-Ins

Every week, you write a check-in about your progress with your action steps. I read what you’ve written and respond with questions, celebration, insights, and suggestions. This reflection practice helps you integrate new insights, build new skills, and stay accountable to your big goals.

Four: Unlimited Email

Throughout our time together, you have access to me through unlimited email. You can send me anything you want my eyes on—resumes, cover letters, proposals, and so forth—and I will respond with my thoughts.

Many of my clients email daily to help them stay accountable. Others write to me to receive support when a challenge arises, so they can quickly get clear about how to proceed.

The Cost:

I work with each coaching client to find a price that feels good for both of us. The range runs from $4,200 to $8,400 for six months, in one payment or six monthly payments.

Below are several questions that potential clients often ask me. If you have any lingering questions, feel free to reach out to me at

Frequently Asked Questions about Cost:

How do I choose how much to pay?

I offer the following self-assessment questions to help you determine the rate that best fits your resources. I recognize that each person’s experience regarding these factors is complex, and I hope these questions support reflective discernment. This list is primarily sourced from the Anti-Oppression Resource & Training Alliance (AORTA):

  • Are you and your family homeowners or landowners?
  • Do you have little to no debt and/or do you have disposable income?
  • Do you have a safety net composed of financially stable family or friends?
  • Have you attended graduate school or have another advanced degree?
  • Have you not had difficulty accessing healthcare or health insurance for you or your family members?
  • Are your bills or other payments on autopilot?
  • Do you have citizenship in the country where you reside?
  • Does your income only support you and not other loved ones?
  • Have you or do you expect to inherit money or property?
  • Is your organization paying for at least a part of your enrollment?

If you answered all or almost all no, please pay toward the lower end of the spectrum. If you answered all or almost all yes, please pay toward the higher end of the spectrum.

If you feel called to work together, I am confident that we’ll find a rate that feels right to both of us. I encourage you to set up a discovery call (below), and we can discuss this further.

This is more than I can afford. Do you have any other coaching options?

Yes! If you are contemplating a career change, I invite you to learn more about my Career Clarity Group. And if you are looking to overcome conflict, heal burnout, and/or become more effective, I invite you to consider joining my Leadership Circle.

How many months am I committing to? Do you offer refunds?

I ask clients to commit to an initial six months of work together. Our work together is about developing habits that last and creating real change, and that usually takes some time.

After the first six months, many coaching clients feel ready to move forward, and many others decide that they want to keep receiving support to create even more change in their lives and workplaces.

Although clients rarely choose to end our work before the initial six months are over, our client contract explicitly states that you are free to leave if you are not receiving the benefits you hoped for.

I do not offer refunds for services offered, but neither do I charge for services not yet provided.

Do organizations pay you through professional development funding?

Absolutely! If you work for an organization that offers professional development funding to staff, I encourage you to ask your organization for the funds to cover the cost of coaching and help you become a more effective leader for your team, organization, and community.

I am happy to provide documentation to support your request.

Do you offer payment plans?

Most coaching clients make the payment in six monthly installments, with a larger payment the first month to cover the greater initial investment of time. However, some prefer to pay in one or two installments, and that works as well.

How do you receive payment?

Most clients pay with six pre-dated checks, dated for the first of each month we’ll work together.

For clients who prefer to pay electronically, my bookkeeper can send you an electronic invoice. I prefer clients to pay through their bank as opposed to credit cards in order to avoid the fee, but I am able to accept credit cards as well.

Do you offer any other packages or customized plans, say with more or less time?

Over the years, I’ve discovered that client outcomes are best when clients commit to six months and twice-monthly meetings. Therefore, to best support positive outcomes, I rarely take clients for less than six months or twice-monthly.

Occasionally, clients choose to meet three or four times per month as opposed to the typical twice per month. Or they want access to me through text or quick phone calls. In these cases, we agree on a higher price that works for both of us.

I also offer group coaching through my Career Clarity Group and Leadership Circle. I invite you to check these out as well!

Are there any hidden, additional costs or expenses associated with your coaching services?

No. It is important to me to have a trauma-informed practice, and I believe that rate transparency is a necessary step toward trauma-informed care. My rates are as listed above, and they’re clearly stated in my welcome packet. I will not charge additional amounts for materials, assessments, or emails between sessions.

As the district manager of my region’s first recreational marijuana dispensary, I sought Katherine’s executive coaching support because I knew I wasn’t yet where I needed to be to face the upcoming explosive growth of onboarding forty new employees in one month.

Coaching with Katherine taught me to trust myself, slow way down, pause (even in the midst of rapid change), and stop second-guessing myself. During the media whirlwind of opening day (six different news outlets!), I even had a few employees ask me how I remained so calm and in control. That made my day!

By the end of our work together, I knew in my bones that I was up for the challenge. Since then, it’s been an incredible journey! I still can’t express how valuable coaching with Katherine was for me! I am a different leader than I would have been, and, months later, I am excited to say that I am still a person who pauses.


Let’s talk!

If you’re ready to discuss the possibility of working together, I invite you to set up a discovery session.

First, fill out the form below. I’ll be in touch within two business days to set up a time to talk.

Then, we’ll get on a free call to discuss what you’re grappling with and what next steps you might take. I’ll ask you questions, assess your needs, and make a recommendation of what support I think might help you most. Often, that’s an invitation to work with me. But if I sense that something else might serve you better, I will refer you to other support.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Professional Coaching Services Discovery Session Application

Before you fill out the application…

I recommend typing your answers into a separate text document and cutting and pasting them into the fields below. In rare cases, the technology goes wonky, and this makes it easier for you to resubmit if necessary.

I promise to hold all information that you share with me in strict confidence. I will not share your information with anyone else.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me!

Thank you for your application. Now, please set up a time!

After submitting your application, please click here and select a time to meet. If none of the times work for you, please email me at I look forward to talking with you soon!

After submitting your application, please click here and select a time to meet. If none of the times work for you, please email me at I look forward to talking with you soon!

Still on the fence about whether to reach out?

I understand. It’s a big investment, and of course, you want to make sure it’s right for you.

If you were my client, I’d invite you to check in with your body. When you ask your body whether it’s in your highest good to discuss the possibility of coaching with me, what does your body say?

If your inner knowing says no, honor that. If now’s not the time, but you’d still like to receive a taste of my work and morsels of guidance each week, I invite you to sign up for my weekly Love Letters to Changemakers.

If it says maybe, check in with yourself about whether you have any questions. If you think coaching is what you need but have questions, please email me your questions at I don’t want an unasked question or unexpressed concern to keep you from getting clear.

If your inner knowing says yes, I hope you will reach out. You do not need to make any commitment before getting on the free call. The purpose of the call is really to help us discern if my coaching is a good match for your needs. I consider it my ethical duty to let you know if I believe other support would serve you better. And when people discern that my coaching is not for them, they almost always report walking away from the exchange with much more clarity.

And, in case they’re helpful, here are some more client testimonials for you. I hope you enjoy!

I sought Katherine’s professional coaching support to get clear about my next career steps and rediscover my sense of confidence. Prior to working with Katherine, I’d done a lot of inner reflection but continued to flounder around in questions like— What do I want to do? Who am I? What do I have to offer? I felt a sense of paralysis around taking action.

The structure Katherine provided built a ladder of self-sufficiency that got me out of my hole and kept me accountable for moving forward. With Katherine’s support, I learned to reflect in a way that moved me forward rather than sending me down a rabbit hole.

Katherine picks up on cues that you aren’t aware of. She will often say something like “I noticed you keep using this word or your body language changed when we talked about this idea.” Or point out important things in my daily work—things that went well or not well. I’ve needed this support and reflection to get clear on what was next.

Each step I took with Katherine’s guidance helped me get clear on what was next— a career in social work, supporting folks with chronic illness. I started exploring Masters in Social Work programs, talking to social workers, and attending information sessions. Finally, I applied, got in, and started two and a half months later.

Now, I feel so much energy and excitement. I’m so much happier working and interacting with other people who are thinking about things in a similar way.


It was a huge plunge for me to hire a professional coach. It seemed frivolous. But after months of trying to fix the problems on my own, I knew if I wanted to make my business work and be successful, I needed some help.

Katherine teaches you to say no and create boundaries. I now have better control over the time that I spend, and I take myself more seriously in my work and my relationships with my clients. My nerves are more settled and I am comfortable in my life. And now, when life is starting to feel unsettled, I have the ability to change how I respond to it and regain control and a sense of calm.

In nearly every conversation I have with people about my business or their own, I find my natural response is, “You should meet my career coach!” In every session, I had a feeling of being grateful when I showed up and was even more filled with gratitude when I left. I can’t recommend Katherine’s coaching loudly enough.


Just a few months ago, I felt confused, overwhelmed, unclear, and buried beneath a mountain of tasks. I came up against a pivotal moment in my career, and I didn’t know whether to go left or right or forward or backward or diagonal.

My business partner told me to call Katherine. Even though I was reluctant to add one more thing to my plate, I trusted that working with her would help me develop the habits and boundaries I needed to see a clear direction forward.

Just three months later, I have a new job description that’s completely aligned with the work I love doing. I’ve learned how to recognize and communicate what I need and create clear boundaries with my employees that benefit all of us. Now, I’m able to say “no” to the small stuff, stop the interruptions, set my priorities, and stay on the right path.

As a result, I’ve filled several new classes to capacity and completed three major projects that have been sitting on my desk for a long time. I’ve owned my business for seven years, and I finally feel like I have the time and space to grow it, rather than just maintaining it.

Katherine teaches you how to lay out your thoughts and she asks the questions that help you hear your own thoughts clearly.

I’ve done a lot of therapy with a lot of different people, but what makes this work different is that it’s task-oriented. I put what I learn into practice. I take the steps each week, and I’m accountable to following through. I had no idea that we’d go as deep into work as we have, and each thing I learn uncovers a deeper, exciting layer of discovery.


Although I’d spent a lot of time building my skills, I often felt confused about my next steps before reaching out to Katherine. I was stuck in perfectionism and fear of failure, and my loud inner judge was often in the driver’s seat.

After a lifetime of checking off boxes for other people, I longed to figure out what was true for me and develop the ability to trust myself and show up boldly.

Katherine provides the space, guidance, and kind yet firm accountability you need to get clear about what is important to you and your next steps toward your vision. She is dependable, organized, and responsive, constantly there with her wealth of knowledge and support. Her questions and observations always unearthed new insights.

Coaching with Katherine, I discovered that I have the power to choose—what I do, how I do it, and how I feel about myself and my circumstances. I developed the courage to put myself out there and try things that I wouldn’t have tried in the past because I was afraid of disappointing myself.

I am now so much kinder to myself, and I comfort myself when I feel discomfort. I trust that I have the practices I need to support my vision for a long time to come.


Before coaching with Katherine, I lacked clarity around what I wanted to focus on professionally.I had trouble figuring out what my gifts were or how to access them.

I wasn’t sure a professional coach could help me, honestly, and I thought what I needed to discover would work itself out over time. Financially, I also wasn’t sure I could afford the work, but I took a leap of faith. Soon enough, though, the work with Katherine helped me gain clarity.

Even in the earliest stages of coachinging with Katherine, I was able to focus on and articulate specific goals, not just professionally but personally. I was able to see where I created my own roadblocks and get out of my own way. I not only homed in on my greatest passion, but I started to create a plan for how to bring it into reality as a business.

I learned to trust my instincts, stop listening to my fierce inner critic, and create a message for my work that people will pay attention to.

I would without a doubt recommend Katherine to anyone wanting to get clear on what’s next and create a career aligned with their passions and gifts.


Katherine was just what I was looking for without knowing what I was looking for. I appreciated her thoughtfulness, deep listening, and personalized approach. She helped me improve my communication skills, listen to my body, and gain focus and clarity in my decision-making so I could make decisions confidently and authentically. 


When I came to Katherine, I felt like I was carrying so much for so many people that I was about to crumble under the weight of the overwhelm. Deep down, I knew I needed to make big changes, but I felt guilty about letting people down. As a result, I experienced mood swings, and I never had time for much of anything that brought me joy.

It was a leap of faith to invest in coachinging with Katherine, as I’d experienced unfulfilling relationships with therapists before. I wasn’t sure if this would be different. But I knew that I needed to simplify and create the structure so that my work could feel sustainable and nourishing again. So I took the leap of faith, and I’m so happy that I did.

Coaching with Katherine helps you trust yourself, honor your needs, find your voice, and speak your truth. Katherine gave me the support and encouragement I needed to let go of a significant piece of my work, which was the right step at the right time. It is amazing how different I feel now. I’ve sighed a huge breath of relief. I’ve lifted a weight from my body, and I have a physical sense of freedom and openness in my being.

I now have space in my life to do things I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I know it sounds like a cliché, but six months after working with Katherine as my professional coach, I feel like the world is my oyster, and I’m on the right path.


Coaching with Katherine helped me reconnect with my intuitive side, develop self-appreciation, and get clear on my next steps in a moment of personal and professional transition.

Coaching also helped me become more aware of the things that trigger me, and to choose responses to those triggers that serve me in the long run. I feel more grounded, self-aware, and energized to take on new challenges!


As a recent college graduate, transitioning into the professional world was confusing and overwhelming. Coaching with Katherine helped me learn how I work best, what questions I should ask my supervisors to get my work done efficiently, and gave me honest feedback about the way I present myself.

Soon after coaching with Katherine, I got a promotion. I now have much more interesting work, a lot more responsibility, and a supervisor who communicates clearly and thinks through things the same way I do.

I still use a lot of the tools and strategies I learned with Katherine to formulate my schedule and routines, and as a result, working from home has become SO MUCH EASIER. That cannot be emphasized enough. It was a real struggle before I worked with Katherine, but I actually enjoy it now.


Katherine helped me learn to enjoy being in the driver’s seat while allowing life to show me the way. Our work together began with a desire to further myself professionally. And yet over time, we touched on many aspects of life.

I now feel clear and grounded about my next steps forward. By learning to relax, get quiet, and listen, I awakened to a purpose I could not have predicted. I feel energized and committed to this project in a way that I cannot remember feeling for a long time.

By going after my passion, I’m modeling leadership and bravery to my children. And because I’m now more fulfilled and tapped into what is meaningful for me, I feel a much greater connection with my family and an ability to be present when we’re together.

Katherine helps you to better organize, communicate, set goals, and develop authentic confidence. I now notice the subtleties that make all the difference in reaching my ideal effectiveness, creativity, availability, and satisfaction in my work.

Each session with Katherine gave me the strength to know myself more and embrace the fact that I’m the artist who creates my own path. It now feels natural for me to let the next step on my path bubble up, and to act with creativity, interest, excitement, joy, and fulfillment. I look forward to taking this new connection with my inner truth into other areas of my life and continuing to connect with what truly matters!


I’m the father of two kids under six-years-old, and I was one year into my new business when I decided to work with Katherine. I’d put together a solid business plan and had the numbers down cold, but I hadn’t planned for the stress of being a one-person show. I had a lot to learn about time management.

Katherine taught me tools to deal with the stress of being a business owner, such as how to set priorities and set up systems to keep track of all of my tasks. Just as importantly, she helped me learn to accept the fact that I’m not in complete control of everything but to focus on what I can control. After only a few short sessions, I was experiencing less stress and could focus more on finding new clients. Instead of trying to do everything at once, I now have a step-by-step process that feels manageable. Most importantly, I’ve learned that I can be successful in my business while also being true to myself and my clients.

The tools I learned allow me to manage my time better and focus on what’s most important. As an added benefit, reducing the stress at work has reduced the amount of stress I normally bring home. My family is experiencing the benefits, too.


I initially reached out to Katherine because I was a high-achieving workaholic with a very successful career and a young son, and needed to figure out how to find some balance in my life. However, as I worked with Katherine, I gained so much more.

Not only have I achieved more work-life balance than ever, but I also gained the courage and self-confidence to let go of things that held me back from being my full self. I learned to listen to my intuition, quiet the inner critic, set healthy boundaries. Now I’m creating space for what I’m most excited about—a budding new entrepreneurial career and a life aligned with my truest self.



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