The Core Brilliance Leadership Circles

Our ability to bring about the change we desire for our communities and the world hinges on our internal leadership capacity. By aligning with what matters most to us, building collaborative relationships, and engaging in self-care practices that sustain our energy for the long haul, we can maximize our potential to play an important role in ushering in the new world we long for.

The Core Brilliance Leadership Circle is a unique, locally based leadership program that gives you the space, support, and tools you need to cultivate the internal capacity to lead, with minimum stress and maximum joy.

Join other leaders working to improve the well-being of our community across all sectors—education, health care, business, nonprofit, and public service—in this unique leadership program for established leaders. Through personal reflection, facilitated conversations, body-based practice, skills building, and fieldwork, this leadership program will provide you with the opportunity to experience greater ease in your role as a leader and increase your ability to bring about the change you envision, while feeling deeply fulfilled and sustained for the long haul.

The Core Brilliance Leadership Circle is especially for you if you are…

  • In transition— you want to get clear about your next calling on your leadership journey.
  • In a new leadership position— you want more confidence in your new role.
  • A manager— you want to become a true leader and develop a high-performing team.
  • A passionate, high-achiever— you’re ready to make an even bigger impact and are up for the challenge of personal development that will take your work to the next level.
  • Burned out— you’re ready to renew your sense of purpose and meaning.
  • Sometimes isolated as a leader— you long for allies and support.
  • So focused on your work that you sometimes lose sight of the big picture— you crave time and space to reflect on where you want to go.
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” —Mahatma Gandhi

The Core Brilliance Leadership Circle Program Outline:

Each Core Brilliance Leadership Circle is a group of 8 to 12 established leaders from a specific geographic location who are committed to bringing about positive social change, while sustaining their energy for the long haul. This six-month leadership program fosters heartfelt connection among a strong network of diverse, visionary leaders, which can continue long after the program ends.

In the initial two-day retreat, you will engage in experiential activities, facilitated conversations, and inner reflection. We will explore innovative leadership development practices and the foundations of the Core Brilliance Approach® that support courageous and impactful leadership. You will foster learning partnerships through pair and small-group work, and create a personal development plan so you can apply what you’ve learned to your life and continue to deepen your learning when you leave the retreat.

You’ll increase your personal and professional leadership capacity by learning how to:

  • Articulate a clear and compelling vision of your desired future
  • Make the decisions that are best for you—and the people you serve
  • Deepen your self-awareness and presence as a leader
  • Prevent burnout and renew your energy with radical self-care
  • Improve workplace communication and increase collaboration
  • Organize your life to stay aligned with what matters most to you

You will deepen your learning in four monthly, three-hour meetings in which you will receive support to integrate your skills and implement your personal development plan within the realities of your work and community roles. These meetings offer an important opportunity for listening, sharing, and learning.

In addition to these group meetings, you will receive support from a personalized, one-on-one coaching session for when you get stuck, a peer learning partner for added accountability and support, and an online group forum in which you can ask questions and share experiences.

In the final two-day retreat, you’ll come back together with your learning community to distill your learnings, create a plan to bring your key learnings from the leadership program back to your organization, and plan for continued collaboration within your circle of support.

Details about dates and tuition of this exciting leadership program are coming soon!


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