Leadership Development for When You Need Clarity, Confidence, and Balance

Leadership Circle

Do you wish you could get clear, trust yourself, and create the change you envision?

If so, the Leaders’ Circle, a small group coaching program for purpose-driven leaders, may be for you.

Do any of the following sound familiar…?

[icon name=”heart” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]   You care deeply about making a difference in the world. Maybe you want to lead a team that can accomplish your vision. Or use your voice and power to serve your community. Or do your part to grow and inspire a movement with the potential to create massive social change.

[icon name=”heart” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]   The problem is, you’re struggling right now. Some days are better than others, but you feel stressed out way too often. You second-guess yourself, your decisions, and your priorities. You have a hard time knowing whether you’re setting the right priorities or headed in the right direction.

[icon name=”heart” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]   Communication is hard. You do your best in challenging conversations, but afterward, you find yourself rehashing what you said, over and over, knowing that you could have done better.

[icon name=”heart” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]   You’re ready to learn how to serve your community while being true to yourself. You want to learn to trust yourself, appreciate your own strengths, to be your full self at work, and feel confident in how you come across. You want to bring your best self forward at work while being present to the rest of your life, too.

[icon name=”heart” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]   And, you love to learn. You may have read books, taken online courses or webinars, listened to podcasts, taken personality tests, attended leadership trainings, done therapy, or reached out to friends and colleagues for advice. These things may have helped somewhat, but you still have farther to go. You want to develop habits and learn tools you can rely on long into the future.

The Leaders’ Circle is a small group coaching program for people like you.

You may be in one of the following positions:

  • You’ve recently started a new role— gotten a new job, received a promotion, started a business. You feel overwhelmed and don’t want to mess things up.
  • You want to take on a new role or project. You want to do everything you can to be ready for your next level calling.
  • You already lead a team, organization or company. You struggle to manage or motivate your staff, board, or volunteers. What you’ve been doing isn’t working.
  • Your relationship with your boss, staff, co-workers, or collaborators is challenging. You need to strengthen your communication skills, get clear on what you really want from the situation, and respond in a way you feel good about.
  • You’re organizing for social change, and interpersonal dynamics are tricky. You want to help your group work better together and find a sense of balance in the rest of your life, too.
  • You may or may not identify as a “leader.” Either way, you have a longing to take on a new challenge in service of a purpose that is greater than yourself. You want to become the person who can rise to the challenge.

RachelAs leaders, we are often in a place of tension between where we are and where we want to be. Sometimes, things are messier and slower than we’d like. With Katherine’s support, I learned how to be in the present moment while holding a vision for what is emerging. This was hard to do on my own, and coaching provided the necessary container to allow my new work to come forth.

My identity used to be attached to the work that I do and the business itself. Working with Katherine, I learned how to separate my sense of self from my role as the steward of my business. And, I’ve committed to self-care in a whole new way.

My fear of making mistakes used to hold me back from taking risks. Katherine helped me clear away limiting beliefs that said I should know how to do everything perfectly and on my own. Now, I seek out support, even when it’s uncomfortable. I’ve learned to show up— in response to client feedback, staff questions, and challenging conversations— as my authentic self and a business leader.

Katherine also helped me redefine my relationship to money. Now, I steward my business’s money with integrity and respect. I learned Quickbooks, am tracking my finances, and started saving more. I’m even on target to pay my quarterly taxes—for the first time ever!

Rachel Condon — Northampton Community Acupuncture

Here’s what you need to learn to maximize your success as a leader:

1.  Communication Skills

How well you lead comes down to how effectively you communicate. Conflict is inevitable. It’s how you respond that counts. To navigate through the challenges you face with skill and ease, you need to learn how to—

  • Express your ideas in a clear, confident, and compassionate way.
  • Speak your truth, even when you don’t know all the “right” answers.
  • Maximize your chances of being heard.
  • Slow down, get centered, and listen with a bit more patience and openness
  • Trust yourself and others more
  • Make requests in a clear and compelling way
  • Deliver feedback in a way that builds trust and inspires growth
  • Navigate tricky professional boundaries
  • Maximize the effectiveness of the entire group or system
  • Develop the emotional capacity to lead, even when the heat turns up

Our work is rooted in the science of habit formation. Not only will you learn to handle immediate conflicts effectively, but you will also develop skills you can rely on for the rest of your life.

2.  Courage & Confidence

Fear is what trips leaders up most. No matter how many leadership development books you read, if you don’t do the inner work to move beyond your insecurities and doubts, they will continue to get in your way.

You need to turn the voice of your inner Judge way down and quickly come back to center whenever fear or doubt arise. Our work together will teach you how.

3.  Clarity & Focus

You face many critical decisions. To be most effective, you need to identify how to make the most significant impact, what brings you the greatest joy, and where to focus at any moment. You need to learn how to juggle all of the important parts of your life successfully, set realistic expectations, keep track of your commitments, organize your priorities, and (let’s not forget!) safeguard time for quiet and connection.

4.  Leadership Presence

They say that only 7% of a message is in the words. How we communicate with our bodies, facial expressions, and voice is the other part of the equation. To create the change you want to see in the world, you need to be that change in your body. You need to embody a grounded, steady leadership presence.

I will teach you a new way of showing up so you can stand in your power and get centered fast, even in the most challenging moments. And, when you learn to be present as a leader, you’re also able to be more present with the people you love outside of work.

It’s a lot to handle on your own. Our work together will provide a container to help you get clear on what’s most important, stay accountable, and keep moving forward.

Mariah KurtzAs a recent college graduate, transitioning into the professional world was confusing and overwhelming. Leadership coaching with Katherine made me more aware of how I work best, how to get my work done efficiently, and how I present myself.

Soon after working with Katherine, I got a promotion. I now have much more interesting work, a lot more responsibility, and a supervisor who communicates clearly and thinks through things the same way I do.

I still use a lot of the tools and strategies I learned with Katherine to formulate my schedule and routines, and as a result, working from home has become SO MUCH EASIER. That cannot be emphasized enough. It was a real struggle before I worked with Katherine, but I actually enjoy it now.

Mariah Kurtz

Why do this group thing, instead of individual coaching?

You’re tired of feeling alone (or trying to rely on your partner for help). You know you need additional support. Sometimes, private coaching is the answer. But other times, it may be out of your budget (private coaching with me typically costs $600-$850 per month, more in the first month). Or, you long for a team to support you.

The Leaders’ Circle is a small group of awesome people whom I personally select. They are people who get you, who are grappling with similar challenges and have similar dreams. People with whom you can be vulnerable, work through the more emotional aspects of leadership, and celebrate your steps forward.

This container of support will help you go far and have fun while you’re at it. And, the deep sense of knowing you’re not alone will be like medicine you didn’t know you needed.

What’s Included?

Two 90-Minute Sessions per Month

Our small group coaching sessions will offer plenty of airtime for each member. No matter who has the focus, you will take something away that you can apply immediately. We’ll use a video conference platform called Zoom so we can all see each other and feel connected. We’ll meet two Fridays each month, from 12-1:30pm Eastern, on the following dates:

Jan 4 & 18 | Feb 1 & 15 | Mar 1 & 15 | Apr 5 & 26 | May 10 & 24 | May 31 & June 21 | July 12 & 26 | Aug 9 & 23 | Sept 6 & 20 | Oct 4 & 18 | Nov 1 & 15 | Nov 29 & Dec 13

One 60-Minute Private Session to Start

We’ll start our work together in a private session. During this time, you’ll create a personalized development plan, which will help you focus on what’s most important to you and hold you throughout our work together. Your personal development plan will include competency-based outcomes (habits you’re developing throughout our work together), an embodied commitment, and space for action steps.

Personalized Attention & Support

The group is limited to a maximum of six people so that you get personalized support and focused attention when you need it most. You can reach out for feedback and help whenever you want between sessions, and I will answer every question you ask.

A Community of Practice

We’ll use a members-only online forum where you can reach out for support to when you feel stuck and receive the guidance you need to keep moving forward. I also encourage you to get on the phone with other members for added support, and I will teach you how to maximize the impact of these calls.

The Curriculum

I teach an evidence-based leadership development curriculum that integrates smart strategy with transformative inner work, and I tailor my teachings to meet your specific needs. I share my writing with you as well as cutting-edge books and articles that relate to the challenges you’re working on.

Optional: Additional Private Coaching

Many of my leadership coaching clients value both group and individual support. If we discover that additional support would help you accelerate your progress, you can sign up for added private coaching at $250 per hour. (This depends on whether I have space in my schedule. I will do my best to make this work for you.)

Along with the group, you get me…

…a fiercely compassionate mentor who is deeply committed to helping you make your vision a reality without sacrificing your sanity or integrity.

I bring a deep understanding and extensive experience in leadership development, personal growth, community organizing, business strategy, communication skills-building, and group facilitation. I believe that each of us has a responsibility to follow our callings and do our part to make this world a better place. I am passionate about helping you make the impact you’re here to make. To learn more about me, click here.

Your Commitment

I ask that each member make a minimum six-month commitment to the group to create a truly supportive container and community of support. That said, be forewarned that many of my clients get so much value from the work that they continue working with me for one to two years after they start. If new spaces open, new members may join, but only with a six-month commitment, so there’s no revolving-door feeling, and the spirit of the group feels held and cohesive.

The Cost: $300 per month ($600 the first month)

Annique Sampson - MidwifeWhen I came to Katherine, I was carrying so much for so many people that I was about to crumble under the weight of  the overwhelm. Deep down, I knew I needed to make big changes, but I felt guilty about letting people down. As a result, I experienced mood swings, and I never had time for much of anything that brought me joy.

It was a leap of faith to invest in working with Katherine, as I’d experiencing unfulfilling relationships with therapists before. I wasn’t sure if this would be different. But I knew that I needed to simplify and create the structure so that my work could feel sustainable and nourishing again, so I took the leap of faith. And, I’m so happy that I did.

Working with Katherine helped me learn to trust in myself, honor my needs, find my voice, and know that it’s okay to speak my truth. Katherine gave me the support and encouragement I needed to let go of a significant piece of my work, which was the right step at the right time. It is amazing how different I feel now. I’ve sighed a huge breath of relief. I’ve lifted a weight from my body, and I have a physical sense of freedom and openness in my being.

I now have space in my life to do things I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I know it sounds cliché, but six months after working with Katherine as my online coach, I feel like the world is my oyster, and I’m on the right path.

Annique Sampson – Midwife

So, how do you get in?

Two steps: First, fill out the application below. Then, we’ll get on the phone. Together, we’ll get clear on your next steps as a leader and figure out what the best support is to help you become the leader you want to be.

Ready? Let’s go! Just fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch—usually in less than two business days. I’m really looking forward to talking with you soon.


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