No matter how successful, skilled, or hard-working we are, at some point, we will all feel stuck.

You may be going back and forth about whether to stay in your current job, what to do about a conflict at work, or how to get rid of the stress you’re feeling. Whatever you’re struggling with, feeling confused and uncertain isn’t fun. This is where “Five Powerful Life Coach Questions to Ask Yourself” comes in.

Life coaches are skilled professionals who help their clients reach their goals by discovering solutions and developing new skills. Life coaching can be an investment, and it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right life coach, so you might ask, “Aren’t there life coaching questions that I can ask myself?” The answer is, “Yes!”

If you’re feeling stuck and want to get clear on your path ahead, here are five life coach questions to ask yourself. As a life coach, I come back to these life coaching questions over and over to help my clients reach their goals. Take time to get quiet, listen within, and write down your answers to the following coaching questions.

1. Envision the next horizon of your life. What do you want to be different on your next horizon?

When we’re stuck, we can make the mistake of asking ourselves, over and over, “Why can’t I… (fill in the blank)?” Or, “How can I get rid of (your problem goes here)?” But, when you focus solely on the problem, it can be much harder to see how to get to where you want to go.

Instead, I invite you to envision how the solution would look. Imagine the next horizon of your life that you’re able to see right now. That may be a couple of weeks from now, a few months, or a year. Then, ask yourself, “What do I want to be different on this next horizon?” Allow yourself to write freely, jotting down any feelings, thoughts, or seemingly crazy notions that come up.

2. What new behaviors, skills, or abilities do you need to develop to reach your next horizon vision?

A lot of people get stuck when they only focus on the tasks they need to accomplish their goals. Don’t get me wrong, writing down a list of action steps is important. However, it is equally important to identify the behaviors or abilities you need to develop to reach your goals. Here are a few practices that my current clients are working to develop:

  • Identifying and devoting time to what they want, and making clear requests.
  • Manage their time and keeping my to-do list organized and prioritized.
  • Noticing when they have the urge to take over at meetings, getting centered, asking myself how I can be most helpful, and then taking one small step to contribute collaboratively.

When you focus on developing new skills and abilities, you can make the change you want into a lasting habit. This creates the foundation upon which you can keep reaching your goals long into the future.

3. Identify any big decisions you need to make before reaching your next horizon vision. Then, ask yourself, “What does my gut say?” And, “what do ‘the experts’ say?”

When you face any decision, it’s important to get both the “inside view” and the “outside view.” The inside view is what your inner guidance, intuition, and sincere desire are telling you. The outside view is what the available statistics or expertise about your situation have to say.

For example, if you’re thinking about starting a new business, it’s important first to ask yourself, “What do I want to do?” Or, “How do I feel about this decision?” Or, “What does my gut say?” Then, it’s important to look at the market analysis to see how similar businesses are doing in the current economy. Find out what’s working or not working for them. Once you have an inside and an outside view, you have the information you need to make a smart decision.

4. What are you telling yourself about reaching your destination? What story is holding you back?

Often, what holds us back most are our assumptions, stories, and limiting beliefs. Often, we’re not aware of our limiting beliefs until we shine a light on them.

If you still feel stuck after working with the previous questions, I invite you to free write on the question, “What am I telling myself about reaching my goals?” Write down everything and anything that comes up, even if part of you thinks you shouldn’t be thinking this way. You can get rid of the paper if you want to. The important thing is to bring your conscious attention to any stories that are holding you back.

Once you write down all of your thoughts, ask yourself, “Is this true?” And, “Can I be absolutely sure that this is true?” And, “Who would I be if I knew this was not true?”

5. What is your top priority, right now?

Finally, it’s time to take action. Given everything you’ve realized, ask yourself, “What will I do first to move toward my next horizon vision?” And, “When will I start?” Be super specific with your action steps. Use verbs and make sure they’re small enough that you can check them off in two hours or less. For example, you might write, “Do 15 minutes of centering practice,” or “On Monday morning, set a goal for the week and make sure that all of my action items are written down.”

Ask yourself “What is my priority, right now?” every day.  This can be one of the most powerful habits you can cultivate to stay focused and achieve your biggest dreams.

I encourage you to save this list of five life coach questions to ask yourself onto your computer. Then, make a habit of reflecting on these life coaching questions every week.

If you still feel stuck after asking yourself these life coaching questions, you may benefit from the support of a life coaching services. A professional coach can help you uncover your blind spots and move forward much faster than you can on your own. If you’re curious about receiving support from me as your life coach, I encourage you to apply for a free, one-hour discovery session so you can get clear on your next steps and see if you’re a good match for my life coaching services. It is my honor to support you.


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