An Experiment in Savoring

Four weeks of joy practice for changemakers,
to refill your energetic well and
expand your capacity for delight.

May 18 through June 15

+/- $95, choose the price that feels right to you.

How Solidarity Pricing Works

You pay what you can.


Solidarity Pricing is my way of making this experience affordable to all who want to participate. Money will not be a barrier to participation.


Here’s how it works:


First, decide if you’ll join us. Let yourself imagine the possibilities of what this retreat might mean to you. If your body says yes, I invite you to trust that.


Second, if you decide “yes,” then decide how much feels right to you. Take time to think about the reality of your financial situation and sense into what number feels right to you.


Below are some guidelines for choosing how much to pay:





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  • $95 is my Sustainable Rate. This amount meets my needs and allows me to comfortably bring these teachings to more people without worrying about making ends meet.


  • $65 is the Community Rate. You might pay this rate if you’d struggle to pay the Sustain Rate; have moderate debt; and support children, elders, or other dependents.


  • $35 is the Support Rate. Please pay this rate if paying more would be a financial burden and any of the following apply to you:
    • Are Black, Indigenous, Latine, Asian (APIDA), a person of color
    • Are trans or nonbinary
    • Have a disability
    • Have medical debt or uncovered medical expenses
    • Receive public assistance
    • Have a hard time finding work due to immigration or incarceration status
    • Recently experiencing housing instability
    • Primarily use a currency in a country that the Global North has historically exploited
  • And, food and shelter: If you are in a financial situation where spending $35 dollars puts you at risk of not being able to afford food or shelter, please choose an amount lower than $35. If this is your situation, I am serious about welcoming you.


  • If you have the means to do so, I welcome you to consider paying $125 or more. You might consider paying this amount if you belong to the managerial or owning classes (read this document to learn more). This helps balance the cost of folks who cannot pay the sustainable rate and helps me make my work accessible to more people.


Simply put, choose a payment that works for you. Whatever amount feels right for you works great for me, truly.


I wholeheartedly trust you to find a number that feels good, no less and no more, and I look forward to welcoming you!


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