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When my clients are ready, we dive deep together, applying compassionate accountability, rigorous thought partnership, and purposeful practice to help them achieve their goals.

The transformation most people seek often takes time. That’s why I offer you these gifts, so you can get a taste first and see if we resonate.

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Somatic Practices for Social Change

A Free Practice Portal with 13 Videos to Soothe Your Nervous System, Embody Leadership Presence, & Tap into Your Inner Guidance

For over a decade, I’ve taught these practices to hundreds of changemakers as a career clarity and leadership coach, and I’ve witnessed how they consistently help my clients heal burnout, increase impact, and find joy in the long haul.

This free practice portal includes ten videos guiding you through practices, each between one and ten minutes long. When you consistently engage in somatic practices such as these, centeredness can become your default state, even in the most challenging circumstances.

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Beyond Boundaries:

The book for people exhausted by working hard for social change while neglecting their own needs.

After ten-plus years of coaching changemakers, here’s what I want to whisper to you: The same small practices that feed our joy *also* increase our impact. There are tiny choices that make us far more capable of showing up—for ourselves and others—in ways that make us proud.

In my book, Beyond Boundaries: The Key to Making Choices that Honor Your Needs Without Betraying Your Values, I’ll teach you a practice to help you pivot from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to nourished and energized while strengthening your ability to show up effectively. In less than five minutes.

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  • Set boundaries, cultivate joy, get clear, and build confidence.
  • Feel supported to make the impact you’re called to make.
  • Show up effectively, without burning out.

Let’s create a world in which all people have the power and freedom to live their callings.

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