The Expanding Delight

Cultivate a Habit of Joy &

Enjoy the Present Moment More

September 16-22, 2023

Solidarity Pricing: $95/$135/$175

Your joy matters.

One thing that’s surprised me as I’ve coached hundreds of changemakers to heal burnout, get clear about what’s next, and lead effectively is the power of consistently dedicating brief moments to savoring what’s good.


If you’re awake to injustice and work hard to make a difference in your community, it can feel hard to prioritize joy in the midst of it all. You might feel like life is passing you by or long to be more present to the goodness in life while you’re still here.


But tending our joy doesn’t have to be difficult. Some of the most potent practices take only seconds. And when we cultivate a habit of feeling joy, we increase our capacity to imagine the world we long for, detect overlooked opportunities, cultivate clarity and confidence, build community, grow movements for change, nourish our energy for the long haul, and be fully present to our one precious life.


If you long for more delight in your life and to experience all the benefits joy can bring, I invite you to join my upcoming Expanding Delight Mini-Retreat where you’ll learn research-based tools to help you expand your capacity for delight and enjoy the present moment more.

“We must risk delight. We can do without pleasure, but not delight. Not enjoyment. We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world. To make injustice the only measure of our attention is to praise the Devil.” -Jack Gilbert

Hi! I’m Katherine (she/her).

Over the years, I’ve come to rely on a handful of practices to help my clients expand their joy, and I depend on these practices to nourish my energy as I show up for my many responsibilities. To learn more about me and my background, click here.


I’m excited to share these practices with you in the Expanding Delight Mini-Retreat.


In the retreat, you will experience—and receive personalized support in practicing—research-based tools to help you expand your capacity for delight and enjoy the present moment more.


I’ve designed the retreat to both help you access more joy during the week of the mini-retreat and take the practices with you into the rest of your life. It matters to me that you experience joy and nourishment as you work to make a difference in the world

Katherine taught me how to focus on (and experience!) what’s good in my life. Rather than letting my challenges suck up my energy and make me feel stuck, I now know how to slow down, connect with myself, and create an action plan that feels good.


And I now get to experience all of the deliciousness in the moments when I’m present!


-Kursten Holabird

What does the Expanding Delight Mini-Retreat include, exactly?

1. Live Online Workshop: Saturday, September 16, 10-12:30 EST, Zoom


We begin by gathering together to learn the core practices I’ve come to rely on to expand delight. I’ll share how these practices prime our brains for joy, why many people struggle to prioritize joy, and what to do if joy feels hard. You’ll sense a sense of camaraderie with like-minded people and set a commitment to practicing joy for the week ahead.


We will record the workshop and send out audio and video recordings and a written transcript on Monday, September 18, in case you cannot attend live.

2. One Week of Supported Practice


Then, from Sunday until Friday, I will send you an email that includes a daily lesson and a practice prompt. You will practice at the time you choose. I recommend dedicating about thirty minutes to practice daily to the retreat—about ten minutes for studying the principles, ten for practicing, and ten for sharing insights and questions in our group forum.

3. Tracking Glimmers Journal Prompts print-out and Savoring What’s Good Guided Audio


To support you to continue practicing long into the future, you will receive a worksheet with all the prompts from the mini-retreat in one place and a brief audio recording of me guiding you through one of our core practices.


4. Group Forum for Sharing Questions & Insights


Throughout the mini-retreat, you are encouraged to share insights and questions in a group forum—the Expanding Delight Slack channel. Sharing your takeaways will help you integrate your learning and reading others’ takeaways will help you learn as well. I will read and respond to every question you pose.

5. All Your Questions Answered


I will check the group forum every day and respond to your questions. Mostly, I will respond right away. But if your question deserves a longer response, I commit to writing an article or creating a podcast in response, and I will share the response with you within a week. That way, you will receive personalized guidance on every question you ask.

With consistent practice, the tools you learn in this mini-retreat will strengthen your ability to:

  •   Recognize glimmers of goodness in fleeting, ordinary moments.
  •   Feel safer feeling good, soothing the parts of yourself that fear the other shoe will drop.
  •   Heal/prevent burnout and sustain your energy for the long haul.
  •   Strengthen your relationships with people who matter to you.
  •   Develop the resiliency to rise to the challenging moments.
  •   Foster movements where people are excited to get involved.
  •   Imagine and work toward the more beautiful world you long for.
  •   Experience gratitude for the gifts life has given you.
  •   And, most importantly, feel good!

Katherine helped me to feel emotions again. Emotions like gratitude, joy, and curiosity.


She helped me unearth my personal intuition. I used to think that self-compassion and gratitude practices were self-indulgent luxuries, but I discovered that they are critical in allowing me to care well for others.


-Ylfa Perry

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by “mini-retreat?”

Although it can be lovely to take a week off for a retreat or a vacation, none of us has the luxury to spend our lives on retreat, and often when we return from a vacation or retreat, we go right back to the habits that leak our energy and our joy.


To create sustainable, long-term transformation, it is far more effective to dedicate a few minutes each day than it is to dedicate a week once a year.


So rather than asking you to take a week off from your life as most retreats might, in this mini-retreat, I’m inviting you to dedicate a short amount of time to practicing joy, from your home, consistently for seven days, integrated into the rest of your life.


Not only am I hoping that this week will be delicious for you, but you will also be able to engage with the practices I teach to generate joy for the rest of your life.

How much time will I need to devote to make the most out of this experience?

The initial workshop takes place on Saturday for 2.5 hours. If you’re unable to attend live, we’ll send the recording out on Monday, and I recommend scheduling time to watch it.


Then, each day through Friday, September 22, you’ll receive an email with that day’s practice prompt. I recommend scheduling thirty minutes each day to practice. During this time, you can listen to the teaching, read the prompt, engage in the practice, and share questions in our online forum.


After you’ve devoted an initial chunk of time to learning the practices, each one takes only minutes or seconds and are relatively easy to integrate into your life. 

What are your refund, cancellation, and payment plan policies?

Cancellations & Refunds: You may cancel the program prior to the program start date, and we will refund your money in full. We will not offer refunds after the program starts, besides refunds that fall under the Accountability Guarantee below.


Custom/extended payment plans: Due to the administrative work it would take, we cannot offer payment plans other than what you see on this page.

I’m having technical trouble signing up.

We can help! Email, and we’ll get you all set up.

I’m just not sure.

Well, if you were my coaching client, I’d encourage you to do the following:


  • Check in with your body: In your mind’s eye, I invite you to imagine participating in the mini-retreat. How does the idea feel in your body—good and exciting? Good but scary/exhilarating? Those are good signs.


  • Explore the cost: With nearly every choice we make, we must let go of something to say yes to another. Ask yourself: What is the cost of participating in this mini-retreat? What is the cost of not joining? Which is greater?


  • Turn toward your Voice of Doubt with love and kindness. Our Voice of Doubt is the part that says Yeah, but… and What if… when we get closer to making a decision. Do your best to turn toward your Voice of Doubt with love and kindness and ask what it needs. Then, get curious: How might you move forward in a way that meets your many needs?


  • Reflect: What are your intentions for the next phase of your life? Does participating in this mini-retreat feel well aligned with your intentions, or not? What does your inner knowing say?


If your inner knowing says no, honor that. If it says maybe, check in with yourself about whether you have any questions, and if you do, please feel free to reach out to me at


And if your inner knowing says yes, I invite you to join us. I would be thrilled to share this experience with you.

How Solidarity Pricing Works

Solidarity Pricing is my way of basing price options on income, identity, and privilege. Please choose the option that best fits your current situation. I wholeheartedly trust you to find a number that feels right for you!


  • Option 1: $175. Choose this option if you earn over $75K/yr, especially if you have a multi-income household, or hold a mortgage or savings. Though you may experience debt pressure, consider that is a choice of privilege.
  • Option 2: $135. At this price level, you have relative financial stability, perhaps earn $40K to $75K/year, have a multi-income household, or just feel comfortable paying the middle range amount.
  • Option 3: $95. You might choose this price level if you’re a single income household making less than $40K/yr, or if you hold oppressed identities like Black, Indigenous, Person of Color, Person with a Disability, LGBTQ2IA+.

If you hold an oppressed identity and $95 is outside your ability to pay, please email me at, and we will find a solution that meets your needs. Money will not be a barrier to participation.

The Expanding Delight

Cultivate a Habit of Joy &
Enjoy the Present Moment More

September 16-22, 2023
Solidarity Pricing: $95/$135/$175

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The Accountability

Money-Back Guarantee


Here’s my promise:


If you attend (or watch) the live workshop, engage in the practice for all seven days, and ask your questions in the group forum, and you’re not satisfied for ANY reason, just let me know, and I’ll refund your money.


I call this the accountability guarantee because most of my clients long for more accountability when they come to me. The accountability here is that you show up to learn, practice, and ask your questions. You don’t have to prove that you practiced; I trust you to be honest with me.


Just send a quick email to, let me know that you’ve done the work but are still not satisfied by September 29, and I will refund your payment.


No questions asked.

Your time is precious.


If you think maybe one of my programs is what you need but you’re not quite sure, please ask. I don’t want an unasked question or unexpressed concern to keep you from getting clear.

Please use the form below to ask your questions, and I’ll get back to you within two business days.

Questions? I welcome them!


Anything that comes up for you, just ask.


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