For years, I was in the habit of investing too much energy ruminating over interpersonal conflicts and taking on volunteer or consulting commitments that took more from me than I got in return.

I’ve worked on these habits through a variety of modalities for over fifteen years, and it was time for another deliberate investment. I chose to work with Katherine because of her deep experience with the work of conscience and her heartful approach to the need for rest and recovery.

Katherine helped me to reach a new level of resilience, rest-easiness, and stamina in the face of adversity and failure. The bite-sized competencies we set helped me remain present in my body, and the weekly attention to building those competencies provided structure and familiarity that I relied on while we explored the unfamiliar ideas that came up in our coaching sessions.

Because we worked together both synchronously by video and asynchronously by writing, I could access our work together at any time. The structure of our work together became a profound resource, and I felt deeply connected to our thought partnership in a way that supported me to give ever more attention to my discovery process.

Katherine’s graceful coaching weaves together diverse dimensions of body, personality, and social relationship. Many people could self-help themselves to build competency along one or two of these dimensions, but few could self-help themselves to a course of personal discovery that is as comprehensive and coherent as Katherine’s coaching.

After several months of our ongoing dialogue, I’m more at ease within myself, more aware of myself as an emergent being, more conscious of who I am and of the mystery of who I am. I couldn’t have arrived here on my own, and I haven’t found many guides who could’ve helped me arrive here, either.

Tim Shores, Communications Specialist and Planning Board Member

I felt unfulfilled in my current work, unclear on what work I wanted to do, and disappointed in my efforts to obtain a new role at my current company. I chose to sign up for career coaching with Katherine because her approach seemed more holistic—inclusive of mind, body and heart—than other career coaches.

Working with Katherine, I quickly realized that I needed to gain clarity about who I am before deciding what I wanted to do professionally. And, with her support, I did.

Katherine’s kind and supportive guidance and accountability helped me learn more about myself in six months than I had cumulatively in all my years until then. It is not hyperbole: Katherine helped me change myself and the trajectory of my life.

I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity on who they are, who they want to be, and their life’s calling.

Steve Patterson

Oriana Falkowski

Although I’d spent a lot of time building my skills, I often felt confused about my next steps before reaching out to Katherine. I was stuck in perfectionism and fear of failure, and my loud inner judge was often in the driver’s seat.

After a lifetime of checking off boxes for other people, I longed to figure out what was true for me and develop the ability to trust myself and show up boldly.

Katherine provided the space, guidance, and kind yet firm accountability I needed to get clear about what is important to me and my next steps toward my vision.

From the beginning of our work together, she was dependable, organized, responsive, and constant wealth of knowledge and support. Her questions and observations always helped me unearth new insights. Having the consistent time to review my progress and celebrate helped so much.

Working with Katherine, I discovered that I have the power to choose—what I do, how I do it, and how I feel about myself and about my circumstances. I developed the courage to put myself out there and try things that I wouldn’t have tried in the past because I was afraid of disappointing myself.

I am now so much kinder to myself, and I comfort myself when I feel discomfort. I trust that I have the practices I need to support my vision for a long time to come.

Oriana Falkowski – Money Map Coach

I first came to Katherine after receiving hard-to-hear feedback on a 360 evaluation. I needed to learn how to slow down, listen more carefully to my supervisees and peers, incorporate others’ views and suggestions, and put people before process, especially when facing deadlines and time pressure.

I wanted a skilled coach who could help me see the habits and assumptions that kept me from showing up as my best self, and I needed to build skills in intentional listening.

At the beginning of my work with Katherine, we set concrete competency-based outcomes, a vision of what success would look like at the end of our coaching engagement, and a commitment statement: I am committed to pausing, listening carefully and discerning what is truly needed.

These clear goals and the cadence of our meetings and weekly journaling in my development plan helped me stay focused and develop new habits.

Working with Katherine, I made great strides in self-management. When I experience conflict or angst in a relationship, I am now able to separate facts from stories and identify my and others’ unmet needs. I feel much more comfortable in unresolved conflict, and I’m far more able to stay curious and show up with caring and compassion first.

Throughout my work with Katherine, we checked in with a team of six stakeholders with whom I work closely to gather their feedback about my progress. They all reported that they witnessed these shifts as well and my supervisor, Katherine, and I celebrated my success in a final meeting together.

Katherine is a very skilled coach who holds a wonderful balance of accountability and compassion. Her depth of knowledge in various frameworks brought me new awareness, and she identified just the right tools that I needed. In particular, the communication skills she taught me have been life-changing.

I enjoyed being in relationship with Katherine both personally and professionally. Coaching with her was truly a transformative experience for me. What a gift!

Jane – Assistant Vice President in Learning & Development at a Large Academic Medical Center

Elena Mamatas

When I first reached out to Katherine, I was building a private practice as a trauma healing practitioner and struggling to market myself consistently.

I felt overwhelmed trying to figure out which tasks to prioritize, and I hoped that working with Katherine would provide accountability—someone I could answer to each week to keep me on track.

While I thought our work together was mostly going to involve charting pragmatic actions to move my business forward, it ended up being so much deeper than that.

Yes, we outlined and executed countless concrete actions to develop and market my offerings—I launched a Trauma Sensitive Yoga monthly membership space, something

I never even dreamed of before collaborating with Katherine.

But, we also got to the heart of the inner dynamics that were inhibiting me from marketing myself consistently. It turns out, my inconsistency wasn’t laziness, but was tied to deep-seeded inner fears. With Katherine’s support, I was able to identify these fears and heal them.

As someone who has done a lot of inner work, the depth of the healing I experienced over just six months of working with Katherine truly boggles my mind!

After years of feeling creatively stagnant, it’s like the dams have opened and my creative energy is flowing freely and abundantly. I feel energized about my mission, excited to share through my marketing, and confident that I can steer my business forward as it continues to grow and expand.

I enthusiastically recommend Katherine to anyone who feels blocked or unsure about which direction to move in next.

Her holistic approach will help you get beyond superficial solutions, right to the heart of what’s holding you back.

It’s deep work that will transform your work and your life.

Elena Mamatas – Somatic Experiencing Practitioner & Yoga Teacher

I’d known that my habit of working constantly was no longer sustainable or healthy, but I struggled to develop the protocols I needed. Then, the pandemic hit.

As the sole practitioner in a busy acupuncture practice, I had to pivot constantly to care for my patients: cleaning, rescheduling, holding space for the trauma of a pandemic.

A year and a half into covid, I was burned out and emotionally exhausted. I needed help!

But when you’re practicing alone, who do you turn to?

I found Katherine. I told her that I needed someone else to be in charge for a while, so I was hiring her to be my boss.

Katherine helped me discern which items to prioritize and hold myself accountable for moving projects forward.

I reorganized my schedule, revised my website and prices, set up a new accounting system and developed new practices to regain and maintain my energy.

Katherine helped me recognize what was holding me back from taking care of myself, address deeper lifelong patterns that led to overworking, and re-commit to a practice of self-compassion.

Less than six months after hiring Katherine, I no longer feel burned out. Instead, I’m in what feels like a whole new phase of my practice and am enjoying growing the non-work areas of my life.

I can’t recommend Katherine’s work enough!

Kathryn Cadwgan MTCM, L.Ac.

Cori Hall

I joined Katherine’s coaching group after leaving my previous job due to burnout and health issues.

I was unsure about my next career steps, and I needed help making decisions that supported my wellbeing.

The group meetings held space for open, vulnerable, and real sharing, and the regular reflections gave me the support I needed to shift tough long-term patterns into a new way of being.

During my time with Katherine, I started a new job, and I’m approaching it much differently than my previous work.

I am now committed to honoring my body’s need for rest and taking breaks throughout the workday.

I regularly get present, listen to what’s calling me in each moment, and make incremental shifts.

It’s now so much easier to live from my full body, not just in my head.

As a result, I have more energy and can better discern what my needs are, moment by moment.

Katherine genuinely cares about her clients and creates an intentional space for our growth and development.

It’s been such a treat to learn so many new tools, practices, resources and ideas to use in my own life and with my clients.

I highly recommend Katherine’s groups to anyone looking to overcome burnout, get clear around difficult decisions, and become the changemaker they’re called to be.

Cori Hall – Higher Education Professional

When I came to Katherine, I cared so much about my work and the students we serve, but I seemed to lack some mysterious supervision skills, and it appeared the other supervisors had them.

As a result, I felt anxious and powerless, and I was trying to decide whether to stay at my position or find a new job.

Rather than feeling shame about my challenges, like I had before, I felt that Katherine and I were working together as a team to help me find healing, growth, and passion again.

That was truly an amazing gift.

Week after week, I noticed positive shifts in my perspective and leadership skills.

Working with Katherine, I:

  • identified my guiding principles,
  • developed clarity about the kind of leader I want to be,
  • strengthened my connection with my inner wisdom,
  • learned to trust myself to make important decisions, and
  • developed systems to empower and guide my staff.

I now approach challenges at work with clearer direction and confidence.I/m far more grounded in my choices at work and in the rest of my life.

With my newfound sense of ease and confidence, I realized that I am excited to remain at my current organization.

Of course, becoming the leader I want to be will take continual learning, but now I see concrete evidence of my growing ability to collaborate with colleagues and lead a team.

Rather than feeling anxious about what’s next, I’m excited to be on the journey.

-Meghan Bone, Youth Worker

Kristi Ceccarossi

I reached out to Katherine after I purchased a business I’d been running for a couple of years. Our small digital agency had survived a leadership and ownership transition, a dramatic change in the way we did business. It was thriving and successful, but so much had happened so quickly that I hadn’t had the time to do it with intention, to take stock and bring order and goals to its next phase of life — and the next phase of my life with it.

I came to Katherine with a super specific block and through the magic of her intake process, we extracted much larger and more useful challenges for me to work on. Looking back on the breadth of the goals we established together, I am impressed all over again by her ability to ask the right questions and gently push for deeper answers. She seemed to weave big themes together and distill them into tangible, manageable and meaningful steps like it was no big deal, effortless and joyful.

Katherine is an insatiable learner, which makes working with her a total pleasure because she clearly loves what she is doing. It also means her clients have access to a huge range of approaches, practices, the whole wealth of training she’s done herself. It’s a very unique way into coaching that really cultivates wholeness.

I’m so grateful for the way she invited me to embody my professional work and encouraged me to tune in physically, the way a somatic healer would. I had not considered grounding my professional life that way before, but it’s made all the difference.

I’m now communicating my needs to my staff (and myself) more clearly and in a way that elicits support. Together we’re presenting our work in a way that’s attracting the kind of clients we want to work with. I am busier than ever but also somehow operating with a sense of stillness and presence.

I was able to build an alignment between my personal life and my professional life I’d never experienced before. It truly feels like my life and my livelihood — myself and my working self — are integrated now, nurturing each other and reflecting the same values, commitments and aspirations.

-KC Ceccarossi, CEO, Common Media

Jahara Sara Seitz

I sought out a business coach because I was ready to clarify my business’s vision and message. I struggled with feelings of inner conflict, self-doubt, and a lot of confusion. Luckily, I found Katherine.

Katherine helped me get clear on why I do the work I do, what benefit I provide, and who I feel deeply called to serve. Most importantly, she helped me to translate all of this into clear content for my website messaging.

Not only did this clarification help me feel grounded in what I do and who I serve. It also helped potential clients decide if working with me was aligned with their needs. As a result, my business has expanded exponentially, and I feel deeply connected to my message and purpose.

I recommend Katherine to anyone who needs help getting clear on next steps in their life or business. The investment was absolutely worth it!

-Jahara Sara Seitz

Stephanie Slysz

Katherine was just what I was looking for without knowing what I was looking for. I appreciated her thoughtfulness, deep listening, and personalized approach. She helped me improve my communication skills, listen to my body, and gain focus and clarity in my decision-making so I could make decisions confidently and authentically. I can’t wait to buy her book when it’s available!

-Stephanie Slysz

Domi Long

Before working with Katherine, I felt burned out after decades of work as a teacher, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the next phase of my life. I tried reading books to get clear about how to move forward, but I still felt uncertain. Working with Katherine did so many things for me:

Katherine normalized my struggles, encouraged me, and helped me believe that I deserve and could achieve a more satisfying life. Her intuitive, compassionate approach made me feel like I had a friend by my side through this process of change.

Working with Katherine was like peeling an onion. I got past the surface awareness to discover the more foundational dynamics holding me back. So many aha moments!

Six months later, I am better able to sense what is best for me, what aligns with my guiding principles and what ingredients I need for my life to be balanced, satisfying, and meaningful.

I plan to continue using many of the practices Katherine taught me regularly, especially when I need to discern and take next steps.

My work has taken a different direction than I expected but that feels so right for me—pursuing a path in disaster relief work. And I am even more pleased with the unexpected growth in my understanding of myself and my relationships.

I highly recommend working with Katherine to anyone who wants to more intentionally move through their life—people who are looking to change careers, feeling like they’re in a “midlife crisis,” re-entering the workforce after taking time off to raise kids or be caregivers. Anyone who wants to understand themselves better and figure out how to make a positive impact while taking care of themselves and feeling wholeness and joy would benefit from reaching out to Katherine.

-Domi Long

Ruthie Oland-Stuckey

I sought coaching with Katherine to help me to gain clarity about my real estate business. After working with Katherine, I feel authentically myself in my brand, message, who my ideal clients are, and the ongoing support I need to keep my business organized. I gained the clarity and confidence I was looking for. I have also seen a lot of growth in my business during this time! Coincidence?? Katherine is extremely skillful as a coach. I am very appreciative of the coaching experience, and would highly recommend Katherine to anyone needing greater understanding, clarity, or direction in their work. Additionally, Katherine is clearly dedicated to social justice, a definite draw for me as well.

-Ruthie Oland-Stuckey

Amy Stein

I reached out to Katherine initially because I wanted to start a project to help women and girls with body image issues but wasn’t making any progress. Every time I took a step, I would experience self-doubt, fear, and judgment, and this would shut me down.

Katherine gave me the support and encouragement I needed to move forward and the tools to address my inner judgment, self-doubt, and fears about approval from others. I am now able to quiet these voices and listen more clearly to my true self.

Along with this inner work, Katherine guided me in outer work of becoming a better networker and increasing my competence in outreach and marketing. Katherine kept me on track and gave me the support I needed to live bravely and intentionally.

With Katherine’s coaching, I reached my goals of finding a partner to collaborate with, developing a curriculum, and launching a workshop!

An added bonus of our work together is that I built an incredible community with a wide range of like-minded women who support and encourage me still, even after completing my work with Katherine. I still have strong relationships with the other women from the group coaching program. To build confidence in my voice, Katherine encouraged me to join Speaker Sisterhood, a public speaking program for women, and I remain very engaged with my group. And, through the networking that Katherine guided me toward and held me accountable to, I made numerous connections that became valuable to my project and my overall belonging in my community.

Not only am I in a better position professionally with all of these connections, but I am much happier. And all of this started with just one inquiry email to Katherine.

-Amy Stein

Aitabé Fornés

If I’m honest, before I met Katherine, the words that would have described my business were “side hustle,” “occasional gig,” or “hobby.” My business consisted of several small, occasional offerings, but it wasn’t sustainable, and I didn’t know how to turn my “hobby” into a thriving, sustainable practice.

I was drawn to Katherine from the moment I did the intake call with her. Her questions and listening revealed sensitivity and competence that put me at ease. What I discovered in working with her is someone who balances intuition and a practical understanding of business development. This balance of the intuitive and practical meant that she was able to help me see places where I was unconsciously sabotaging my goals and then provided the guidance to get me back on track.

If I were to point to one thing that really helped me to bring the work I am called to do into the world, it was the work I did with Katherine around my ideal client. As an empath, it was easy for me to feel my clients, but it was a very different challenge to articulate this in my writing. Katherine helped me approach my copy from the perspective of my clients, to read it through their eyes, feel it in their hearts, and most importantly, to speak it in their words. I am now able to write copy that speaks to directly their needs and can clearly articulate the change I bring to my clients’ lives. Thanks to Katherine, I design and sell programs that reflect who I am and what I bring to the world.

-Aitabé Fornés, Systemic Constellations Facilitator

Marc Natanagara

For more than three decades, I had a rewarding career as a high school teacher, middle school assistant principal, elementary principal, science supervisor, and assistant superintendent. In each position, I dedicated everything I had to my work. I typically worked 55 to 60 hours a week, largely engaged in fast-paced and high-stress problem-solving. I loved my work and was very successful at it, but once our three children moved out, my wife and I began contemplating a next phase. I knew to move on, I had to do something different.

My wife worked with Katherine as her coach for two years, and I’d seen the positive changes that coaching made to her already successful business. As we discussed how to change my work and our personal lives, she suggested I work with Katherine. I participated in two of Katherine’s free group sessions, which—in just two hours—provided useful tools that helped me experience change. So I decided to start coaching!

Since my twenties, I’ve read texts and attended seminars about marketing, goal setting, and personal growth. None came close to working with Katherine. Her approach helped me develop both a better mindset and a practical skillset for starting my own consultancy. She helped me identify and overcome habits that were no longer helpful and replace them with more productive and healthy behaviors.

Now, when facing a difficult choice or juggling too many tasks at once, I refer back to the goals Katherine helped me develop to prioritize and make the right decision. My mind is still overflowing with ideas, problems to address, and random thoughts, so now I journal daily, which helps me set them aside for reflection at my leisure. And when things get too intense, I now pause and return my attention to my body and mind.

A few weeks before leaving my career of thirty-three years, I had consulting work lined up that was meaningful, lucrative, and within my wheelhouse. I credit Katherine with helping me make my new calling a reality, find more joy and balance in my life, and develop the tools to continue moving forward.

-Marc Natanagara, Authentic Learning LLC

I am walking away from my work with Katherine with a new vision for my work that I’m excited to bring to the world. My perspective has shifted, and I now have more strategies to live the life I want. I am better at listening to my intuition, planning my weeks, and focusing on what works. I so appreciate Katherine’s ability to listen and hold space, and I’m grateful for where I came to in my work with her!

Melissa Giraud – Embrace Race Co-Founder/Director

Katherine brings a keen sensitivity for needs of social change leaders and a unique ability to hold space for developing the insight and courage needed to take the sometimes scary steps forward.

The truth is, it can be lonely at the top of the organizational chart, especially when you’re taking on the toughest organizational change-management challenges.

When we’re pushing through the big leadership moments – and feeling our most vulnerable – leaders need thought-partners who can help us both keep our eyes on the prize and see our blind spots, in a compassionate and easy-to-act-on way.

I am grateful to Katherine for her skillful thought-partnership and ability to help me work through the challenging, sometimes painful, and essential processes of organizational change and transition.

If you are contemplating the leadership challenges inherent in taking a big leap forward, please call Katherine.

You, too, deserve the gift of her warmth and insight as you tackle the tough stuff.

Eliza Byard – GLSEN Executive Director

As the district manager of my region’s first recreational marijuana dispensary, I sought Katherine’s support because I knew I wasn’t yet where I needed to be to face the upcoming explosive growth of onboarding forty new employees in one month.

Working with Katherine, I learned how to trust myself, slow way down and pause (even in the midst of rapid change), and stop second-guessing myself.

By the end of our work together, I knew in my bones that I was up for the challenge.

Since then, it’s been an incredible, fun journey! I still can’t express how valuable working with Katherine was for me! I am a different leader than I would have been, and, months later, I am excited to say that I am a person who pauses still.

During the media whirlwind of opening day (six different news outlets!), I even had a few employees ask me how I remained so calm and in control. That made my day!!

My company saw that the work was so impactful that they offered to reimburse my investment in coaching.

As my company continues to grow and my role evolves, I look forward to a time when we can work together again!

Angie – District Manager

Rosie Perera, Social Work Student

When I first came to Katherine, I’d been trying to get a health coaching practice off the ground for a couple of years. I was stuck in a cycle of not feeling good about myself and then procrastinating and feeling even worse. I sought Katherine’s support to get clear about my next career steps and rediscover my sense of confidence.

Before working with Katherine, I felt a sense of paralysis around taking action. I would leap from one idea to the next. I’d get attached to each new idea and then discouraged when they didn’t work out.

Prior to working with Katherine, I’d done a lot of inner reflection but continued to flounder around in questions like— What do I want to do? Who am I? What do I have to offer?

With Katherine’s support, I learned to reflect in a way that moved me forward rather than sending me down a rabbit hole.

The structure Katherine provided built a ladder of self-sufficiency that got me out of my hole and kept me accountable for moving forward.

Katherine picked up on cues that I wasn’t aware of. She would often say something like “I noticed you keep using this word or your body language changed when we talked about this idea.” Or she would point out important things in my daily work— things that went well or not well. I needed this support and reflection to get clear on what was next.

I realized that I was passionate about helping people with chronic illness and wanted to my clients help build practical support structures instead of asking each person to rely on themselves.

To get a better understanding of what people with chronic illness needed, I conducted a series of interviews. I discovered is that virtually no coaches were working in this area, and the number one challenge that people mentioned in my interviews was financial stress. Discovering that was my turning point toward social work.

Because of the work I’d done with Katherine, I realized that I didn’t have to completely abandon coaching, which I was passionate about. I just had to rethink it, and that felt safe.

I start exploring Masters in Social Work programs, talking to social workers, and attending information sessions. Finally, I decided to apply.

Each step I took with Katherine’s guidance helped me get clear on what was next— a career in social work.

I got in and started like two and a half months later.

Now, school is going really well. I feel so much energy and excitement. I’m so much happier working and interacting with other people who are thinking about things in a similar way.

Rosie Perera – Social Work

Sustainable Economic Development

Coaching with Katherine helped me reconnect with my intuitive side, develop self-appreciation, and get clear on my next steps in a moment of personal and professional transition.

Coaching also helped me become more aware of the things that trigger me and choose responses to those triggers that serve me in the long run. I feel more grounded, self-aware and energized to take on new challenges!

Insiyah Bergeron – Sustainable Economic Development

When I started working Katherine, I was always going above and beyond for people, but I still thought I wasn’t doing enough.

I couldn’t prioritize, and I was completely overwhelmed. I also felt numb. I think I knew that if I paid attention to how I felt, I’d realize that what I was doing wasn’t working. But I didn’t think I had other options, so I just avoided feeling anything.

With Katherine’s guidance, I reconnected with my body and learned how to identify what I need and what feels right.

I’ve gotten much better at not taking on everything myself and trusting other people to do things that I used to feel obligated to do.

Instead of being driven by guilt, I’m now guided by knowing my gifts and seeing where they’re most needed. I’m able to make choices that serve me and the world more, and I feel more confident about my decisions.

Katherine helped me realize that there would be opportunities if I stayed present. I was in this new mindset when I attended a training in a related field and realized that I loved it. It just felt right.

The work I did with Katherine helped me to recognize the importance of the moment and take a leap.

When I embarked upon setting up the new program, I didn’t feel tense or worried about an uphill battle (as I might have before).

Instead, I moved through the process with a sense of ease. If one step was a dead end, I didn’t need to keep trying to run through walls. Instead, I could just pivot and try a different step.

If I hadn’t had coaching as a source of support I might have missed the path that opened up to me.

Abby – Gender-Based Violence Systems Change Advocate

Stacy Testimonial

I was feeling burned out and bored in my massage therapy business when I joined the Healers’ Circle. As part of the group, I got unstuck and progressed quickly by regularly revisiting my goals and holding myself accountable to the group as well as myself.

Katherine’s business expertise and the wisdom of other brilliant small business owners helped me develop new skills that are proving invaluable. Being part of the group reinvigorated me and inspired a newfound love for my career.

I am excited to see what the next chapter holds as I move forward with new energy and expertise!

Stacy Every – Massage Therapist –

Katherine Testimonial

When I first started working with Katherine I was feeling very down and stuck about my writing career. Having gotten an MFA a decade before, I had spent the intervening years building a successful business, but I couldn’t seem to get my own creative work off the ground.

Katherine patiently helped me to tease out the issues holding me back in every aspect of my life and to figure out the conditions that would help me become the writer I wanted to be.

We started meeting in December, in January I began writing a novel, and by May I had found an agent for my book!

There’s no question in my mind that without Katherine’s directed, incisive coaching I would not have been able to move forward as quickly and successfully as I have. I can not recommend Katherine’s coaching highly enough!

Katherine Jamieson – Writer

Curtis Testimonial

It was a blessing to work with Katherine to figure out what might be next for me on this life path.

Katherine is incredibly versatile, intuitive, and thoughtful, and she brings a wonderful array of modalities to help explore the complexities of one’s desires (our many selves!) and also the challenges (the gates!).

I appreciated her willingness to be such a compassionate companion and witness and to follow where my inner wisdom wanted to take the conversation.

As a result of our work together, I claimed a larger sense of what it means to live my life regeneratively, not just simply finding a new regenerative job or vocation. Such gratitude.

Curtis Ogden – Interaction Institute for Social Change

When I started life coaching with Katherine, I fit the definition of physician burnout. I was exhausted— physically, emotionally, spiritually. My compassion fatigue felt like an insurmountable barrier between me and those I cared for. And the healthcare system made me feel like a useless cog in a dysfunctional machine. These symptoms pervaded every aspect of my life— work, marriage, parenting. I didn’t want to be a doctor anymore, but I had no idea what else to do because I had never wanted to be anything else.

When I started working with Katherine, I was not only hopeless but I actually feared regaining a sense of hope. I thought that if I started to believe I could find fulfilment and a sense of peace, I was setting myself up for a huge fall, which I didn’t think I could handle a second time.

Despite my initial resistance, Katherine helped me ignite a tiny spark of hope. And this time it was not the naive hope of an idealist girl. It was a hard earned, realistic hope. I emerged from a dark tunnel of limitations into a wide open space of possibilities.

I had always thought I “should” have a yoga and meditation practice but never managed to stick with it. Katherine’s process helped me integrate spiritual practice into my life in a way that became self-sustaining, in a way I never could before.

I discovered that my body had wisdom and a language that I had been deaf to for so many years. Medical training, by poor design, forces you to divorce your mind from your body so that you don’t crumble every day in the face of pain and tragedy.

Katherine helped me to feel emotions again. Emotions like gratitude, joy, curiosity. She helped me unearth my personal intuition. I used to think that self-compassion and mindfulness practices were self-indulgent luxuries, but I discovered that they are critical in allowing me to care well for others.

Katherine’s process of asking deep, penetrating questions with unconditional positive regard and then using the answers to craft practical action steps did more in six months than years of therapy had before. She helped me discover that I already had all the answers I needed. I just needed a wise partner/guide to help me uncover them and accountability to help me put them into action.

I unequivocally recommend gathering the courage to reach out to Katherine. Even if you feel doubt that she can help you, I know you will be pleasantly surprised!

A Previously Burnt Out Physician Who’s Now Full of Joy and Life

Sue Testimonial

I came to Katherine to develop leadership skills to grow my dental practice. I had tried hard over the years to create a fee-for-service niche practice for people with a fear of the dentist. While I had built the practice of my dreams, the investment left me deeply in debt.

My business came to a crisis point halfway through my work with Katherine when I realized that we were losing at least seven thousand dollars a month. My credit card was maxed, and I didn’t know where the next payroll was coming from. I realized that the longer I stayed open, the more money I would lose.

I kept saying to Katherine that the success of my practice was a “life or death” situation. Katherine gently called my attention to my words and asked what I meant. This reflection made me question my belief. Once I saw that this was a story I created, I was no longer frozen or blinded by fear.

I used to feel that I had to work harder to make things happen, but Katherine showed me that being present, pausing, taking a step back and observing— rather than reflexively “doing” something— was transformational. Learning to slow down and respond, rather than react automatically, allowed me to avoid panic and to choose the best path at each point along the journey. I feel very proud of how I managed the urgent closing of my twenty-three-year-old business and reinvented my life.

My work with Katherine gave me the space to imagine and trust that there could be something different that would be even better, as opposed to just slogging down the same trail pulling the weight behind me forever. And it was true!

Soon after I decided to close the practice and declare bankruptcy, I negotiated a great salary at a new office, working two days a week. I am making more now than I ever made in private practice, doing the part I love best— taking care of patients.

Now that my free time is truly mine, I am exploring areas of interest that bring me great joy, spending more time with friends and family, and have released twenty-five pounds. As I set goals for myself over the last few years, the word “freedom” kept coming up. My goal was freedom, and now I have more freedom than I’ve ever had. My goal was to have ease, and I have more ease than ever before.

This has been the most surprising and amazing journey. I went from thinking “Oh my God! My life is over. I’m losing my practice and declaring bankruptcy. We’re never going to recover.” I never would have predicted that by my worst case scenario, the thing I feared most, actually happening, that I would end up way better off, financially, personally, and spiritually.

If you don’t like where you are right now, please know that what you fear most might be your path to new opportunities. It will take courage, but you will discover things you didn’t think were possible. The experience of losing my business has been transformational in the most positive way possible: I have reclaimed my joy.

Sue – Dentist

Seth Harwood, Author & Professor

Before I came to Katherine, I had published seven books and was teaching writing courses at a high level as an adjunct professor. Although I felt accomplished, I was also struggling with an inconsistent income stream and felt ready to add a steady paycheck to my life. But I was uncertain about my options and having trouble narrowing my focus to what career would bring financial security to my life. I needed a sounding board to make a decision I could trust.

Initially, I was worried about whether I’d be able to pay for coaching, but I knew it was time for a change. I had to do something. A good friend had worked with Katherine and gave me her name. Lucky for me. Soon after working with her, my income stream increased, and this eased my concerns about investing in my business.

At the beginning, I didn’t even know how much money I needed to earn, but Katherine quickly helped me get clear about my finances. Next, Katherine helped me discover that I wanted to pursue the path of coaching other writers. She taught me how to enroll new clients, focus my online marketing message, and keep multiple big-picture tasks moving forward. Within four months, I had eight clients.

Katherine’s consistently grounded and compassionate insights were instrumental in getting me to see the good parts of what I bring to the table. I learned how to start a practical and professional business and am now making a better income than I was before starting with Katherine–by a lot!.

Business coaching with Katherine provided a steadying influence for me as I navigated uncertainty along a new path.

Seth Harwood – Writing Coach –

Matt Testimonial

When I approached Katherine for leadership coaching, I felt bored and isolated at my job. My skills weren’t being utilized, and I was lacking confidence about my ability to contribute to my organization.

So my therapist recommended working with Katherine. Initially, I was reluctant to ask for help. I thought I should be able to figure this out on my own. I was also afraid of how change would affect my life outside of work. But, in retrospect, if I hadn’t done coaching, I might have made a rash change out of frustration.

Coaching with Katherine really got me thinking outside of my little, isolated box and opened up an awareness of possibility. Even the act of contacting Katherine opened up possibilities. I started thinking bigger, about what I really wanted to do. In response to my internal shifts, opportunities started showing up.

Coaching helped me to shift my role at work. Before, I was caught in the weeds doing mostly technical work. Now, I have a new position as the point person for a strategic program to increase accessibility in online user experience. It’s fascinating work, and I’m loving it.

Before I met Katherine, I struggled with the “fear of getting started” or what I called FOGS. Katherine taught me to stop worrying, calm my mind, and choose my next step with wisdom. I still rely on the practices she taught me to manage my workload without feeling overwhelmed and get started on things easily.

Whereas before, I wasn’t very communicative, I now communicate early, often, and well. Opening myself up to working with other people was key to my current success. When you have more people on a positive page with you, the work gets done better.

After taking that first step to get help, everything started snowballing in a really positive direction. Once my work improved, it opened everything else up too, like family and friendships. It still fascinates me how working on one piece of your life ripples out in so many directions.

Matt – IT Director

Linda Testimonial

It brings tears to my eyes as I write this and think about how much working with Katherine has transformed my life.

When I first came to Katherine for business coaching, I felt like a mess. Everyday was a disconnected list of tasks I had to do. My business, home life, relationships— it all felt jumbled together. Everyday was overwhelming, and that made it hard to move forward in my business.

With her kindness and skill, Katherine taught me systems that I now rely on to bring order to my life. It’s become like second-nature to organize my thoughts, keep track of my tasks, plan my days and weeks, take consistent client notes, choose what’s more important, and not go down the rabbit hole. When I teach a workshop now, instead of worrying about last minute details, I feel calm when I begin.

Before working with Katherine, I felt strongly about working with women’s empowerment. But I doubted whether I had what it took to do the work. But after Katherine named it a calling— and taught me that we’re not supposed to know all the steps before we start taking them— I let go of my doubt about whether my message was worth sharing and found the courage to put it out there.

Katherine helped me design a beautiful website, and I’m working to bring my teachings to a whole new level. But the biggest change is that, inside, I feel like a different person. Or, it’s actually that I’m more me than I’ve ever been before.

Katherine calls herself a personal development nerd, and she is. The breadth of teachings and resources she’s gathered— and generously shares— is really something. It still surprises me how one person can offer so much support.

Linda Natanagara – Feldenkrais Practitioner – Articulate Moves

Kelsey Testimonial

I was just ending a contract with my corporate employer when my friend told me I should talk to Katherine. I had no experience as a business owner (“business” felt like a dirty word!), and I was trying to figure out what I truly wanted to do. Coaching was an investment I wasn’t sure I should make without a steady paycheck, but I realized that I couldn’t afford to not do it.

Before we started, I thought I might need to plug myself back into the corporate world, and I didn’t think I could create a business. Now, I know in my bones that I can build and lead a business. This is such a huge identity shift, and I don’t think I could have experienced this shift without support.

I had always thought of the professional world as non-emotional, but starting a business is such an emotional journey. The work with Katherine was a lot warmer and heart-centered and loving than I expected, and she provided a safe and comfortable place to come back to. I feel so much clearer now, and I have the tools I need to keep getting clear at each step of the path.

Kelsey Flynn – Comedian

Kelly Testimonial

Before working with Katherine, I lacked clarity around what I wanted to focus on professionally.

I had multiple interests, but they each tugged at me simultaneously. I had trouble figuring out what my gifts were or how to access them.

I wasn’t sure a coach could help me, honestly, and I thought what I needed to discover would work itself out over time. Financially, I also wasn’t sure I could afford the work, but I took a leap of faith.

Soon enough, the work with Katherine helped me gain clarity.

Even in the earliest stages of working with Katherine, I was able to focus on and articulate specific goals, not just professionally but personally. I was able to see where I created my own roadblocks and get out of my own way. I not only homed in on my greatest passion, but I started to create a plan for how to bring it into reality as a business.

I learned to trust my instincts, stop listening to my fierce inner critic, and create a message for my work that people will pay attention to.

I would without a doubt recommend Katherine to anyone wanting to get clear on what’s next and create a career aligned with their passions and gifts.

Kelly – Sound Passage

When I reached out to Katherine, I was doing work that I was good at, but I felt lost and unhappy. I was jumping from one corporate job to another like a hamster on a wheel. It was so stressful that I was worried about my health physically and mentally. And it haunted me that I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do.

When I told one of my best friends that I was going to work with a career coach, he said “Jeez Jim. You don’t need to pay a coach. I’ll tell you what you need to do tomorrow morning. I’ll save you money.” I valued his judgment, but I knew that I needed more than a friend to get clear.

Amongst many, many other things, Katherine taught me to open doors I’d never even seen before.

The new mindset she helped me develop led me to the business I started. Here’s how it happened—

I was working in sales, driving around to meet with owners of commercial buildings. And I noticed there was always trash in the parking lots. So I called around to ask who was managing this issue, and I discovered there wasn’t anyone. Or they were overpaying someone with unnecessarily expensive equipment. It was clearly an unmet need. After years of driving around for my corporate job, I really wanted a physically active job. So I decided to create a business picking up trash from commercial parking lots!

Originally, I was going to stay with another part time job for stability, but the business took off quickly. And I had a million reasons to stay in my job. I didn’t want to let my friends down or the manager who had put so much faith in me. I worried what people would think of me picking up trash all day. I was afraid to leave a good paycheck.
But I didn’t need or want another job.

Katherine helped me gather the courage to listen to my intuition and finally cross that threshold to doing what I really wanted.

Now I get paid to exercise for three to four hours a day!

Career coaching with Katherine changed not only my career but my entire life. If you told me a year ago that I can now sit for almost an hour with my eyes closed, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Jim Downing – Owner –

Beth Testimonial

One year ago, I took a new position leading a global social change initiative. While this was an exciting opportunity, I found myself doubting my capacity. Sure enough, right away, I faced a challenging co-worker situation that tried my skills and made me question my leadership ability.

I explored a number of women’s business leadership options, but Katherine’s approach resonated most. I wanted to create real change in the world, AND I wanted to feel fulfilled in that work. I wanted to inspire my team as well.

Before starting with Katherine, I had my doubts. I wasn’t looking for therapy. I remember telling her that this work wasn’t about the personal me, it was about the professional me. She listened, reflected back to me and kept the conversation focused on my professional work. But over time and with Katherine’s gentle support and respectful suggestions, it became increasingly clear that my learning was not only about professional leadership but about who I am in the world!

My work with Katherine has made me a more confident leader. And through coaching, I have grown not only as a professional, but also as a person, a daughter, a mother, a friend.

Having a personal development plan, practicing getting centered, and daily journaling helped me to slow down, listen to my intuition, and communicate better. I have gained real life, everyday skills in cross-cultural communication, grounded decision-making, and supervising others. I am more able to quiet the inner critic and manage a satisfying work-life balance.

What’s more, my team and I are all looking forward to the second year of our work. We seem so much clearer than this time last year, and that seems remarkable.

I look forward to each and every session with Katherine, and I always come out feeling more clear, confident, and armed with new practical ideas and skills to try. Most importantly, most days I’m really fulfilled in my work.

Beth Bradford – International Child Protection Consultant

Marcie Cormier

When I first came to see Katherine, I was struggling between starting a new business and not knowing if I was starting the right business. I was looking for a definitive answer to that question. My day-to-day was frantic. I wanted to do so much for so many people. I was having a difficult time charging people a wage that was livable for me. My schedule was dictated by what my clients wanted, not what I needed.

It was a huge plunge for me to hire a professional coach. It seemed frivolous. I thought I knew what I needed to change about myself and my business, and I thought I should be able to do it on my own. But after months of trying to fix the problems on my own, I knew if I wanted to make my business work and be successful, I needed some help.

Katherine taught me how to say “no” and create boundaries. I now have better control over the time that I spend, and I take myself more seriously in my work and my relationships with my clients. My nerves and my being are more settled and comfortable in my life. And now, when life is starting to feel unsettled, I have the ability to change how I respond to it and regain control and a sense of calm. Through a process of guided self-discovery, mindful guidance, and accountability, I learned that I was already on a really good path towards my ideal working situation.

In nearly every conversation I have with people about my business or their own, I find my natural response is… “You should meet my business coach!” In every session, I had a feeling of being grateful when I showed up and was even more filled with gratitude when I left. I can’t recommend Katherine’s coaching loud enough.

Marcie Cormier – Life Coach –


Just a few months ago, I felt confused, overwhelmed, unclear, and buried beneath a mountain of tasks. I came up against a pivotal moment in my career, and I didn’t know whether to go left or right or forward or backward or diagonal.

My business partner told me to call Katherine. Even though I was reluctant to add one more thing to my plate, I trusted that working with her would help me develop the habits and boundaries I needed to see a clear direction forward.

Just three months later, I have a new job description that’s completely aligned with the work I love doing. I’ve learned how to recognize and communicate what I need and create clear boundaries with my employees that benefit all of us.

As a result, I’ve filled several new classes to capacity and completed three major projects that have been sitting on my desk for a long time. I’ve owned my business for seven years, and I finally feel like I have the time and space to grow it, rather than just maintaining it.

Now, I’m able to say “no” to the small stuff, stop the interruptions, set my priorities, and stay on the right path. Katherine taught me how to lay out my thoughts and ask the questions that allow me to hear my own thoughts clearly.

I’ve done a lot of therapy with a lot of different people, but what makes this work different is that it’s task-oriented. I put what I learn into practice. I take the steps each week, and I’m accountable to following through. I had no idea that we’d go as deep into work as we have, and each thing I learn uncovers a deeper, exciting layer of discovery.

Laurie Johnson — The Pilates Studio

Hannah Jacobson-Hardy

I reached out to Katherine in the spring of my second year launching a small herbal business. I needed support around a vision for the year and the years to come.

Through a series of helpful exercises during which she encouraged me to dream big, I created a solid plan for moving forward that truly aligned with my beliefs and core values. The weeks following our session, everything began to miraculously line up as my vision become a reality. Now, the line of medicinal ghee that Katherine helped me launch is sold in over thirty stores and production and distribution continue to expand throughout the Northeast.

I am grateful to Katherine for her ability to listen deeply as she supported me embark on the next phase of my business. Her skills as a coach far surpassed any of my expectations. I would recommend those who are ready to step into their unique gifts as a healer to explore a session with Katherine.

Hannah Jacobson-Hardy – Herbalist –

Kindreth Hamilton

Working with Katherine reignited my passion for the medicine I practice and taught me not to second guess my intuition. I’m thankful for the valuable lessons I learned about business, relationships, and myself. I have renewed vision and joy for my work!

Kindreth Hamilton – Acupuncturist –

Anna Brunelle

When I first started working with Katherine as my business coach, I was one year out from the start of my business, feeling confused, overwhelmed and stuck. I knew that my business was not where I wanted it to be, and I was struggling to see my path forward. Katherine helped me figure out what wasn’t working, so I could set some boundaries that would allow me to do the work that I wanted to do. She helped me step fully into my power, claim what I wanted for my business, and provided the resources I needed to get where I wanted to go.

Now a little more than a year since working with Katherine as my business coach, I am incredibly proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish with her guidance. Before, clients were trickling in here and there and weren’t always a good fit. Now, I am attracting ideal clients with ease. I am creating an income for myself that once felt out of reach. Katherine helped me work through a paralyzing fear of being seen and guided me to put my work out there. Because she was able to help me understand this, I was able to overcome this fear and step into work that I’ve always wanted to do: tell my story, share my experiences, and build a following. The future is only looking brighter, and I am incredibly grateful for the solid foundation on which I can grow my business, thanks to Katherine.

Anna Brunelle – Professional Organizer –

I came to Katherine feeling burnt out, working a full-time job while also running a yoga studio for almost four years. I was spread thin, overwhelmed, and scattered. I was doing too much for too many people and trying to please everyone. I was tired of feeling torn between the safety of a steady job and my passion for helping people.

Katherine helped me get clear on what was most important to me, reconnect with who I am, and leave my old job to build a full-time practice as a yoga teacher.

When I left my work, Katherine asked me where I saw myself in two years. I said, “I’d love to be in the position where I need to expand the yoga studio because I was running out of room for my students.”

Well, I just negotiated a lease with my landlord to move into a bigger space! It’s huge! Two big studios, one private room, office, and retail space. I couldn’t be more excited!!!

And, get this, I’ll be out of my old job for two years in two weeks. How insane is that?!?
I seriously feel like this is where I am supposed to be and nowhere else. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be living this life. I thank Katherine for all the love and support that helped me get here. I’m incredibly grateful for her and her guidance!!

Michele Lyman – Yoga Studio Owner –


When I began my work as the director of a human services organization, it was fun, exciting, and challenging. As the program grew, the demands grew, and it felt like everything was always too much, too often, too many, or sometimes even, too few. I knew that something had to change, and I began to think the only solution was to leave.

Katherine helped me create space in my life, my calendar, my thinking, and my physical environment. My desk is no longer a cluttered, crazy-making thing, my calendar has blocked off time for lunch and massage, and I even rescheduled a weekly staff meeting to take a qi gong class. I have a sense of expandedness that I don’t feel compelled to fill up.

My life has a better flow now. I feel more grounded, more relaxed, and sometimes I can even let things just whirl. There’s an ease to most days, and I’m confident that I can continue to do this work as long as I choose to. And today, I choose this.

Sometimes, we need someone to give us permission to put ourselves back into the center of the equation in our own lives. Sometimes, we need a new pair of glasses, a new way of seeing ourselves and our work, someone to guide us in forming a new vision for ourselves. Katherine was this person for me, and I hope that she can be that person for you, too.

Linda Sarage – director of the RECOVER Project

Robin Wilson - Teacher

I worked with Katherine as my mentor while preparing for the birth of my first child. When I went into labor, I found myself facing an unexpected fear. An hour after arriving at the birthing center, I was informed that I would need an emergency cesarean section. Instead of the empowering “natural” birth I’d imagined, I suddenly felt crushed, powerless and afraid. As I approached the operating room, I recalled my work with Katherine and decided to embrace the experience as part of my journey into motherhood.

Before working with Katherine, I might have let myself feel like a victim or a failure, but with her guidance, I was empowered not only to face my fear but to grow from it. Katherine helped me to realize that there are many paths through life and motherhood and that one path is not better or more profound than another. Instead of letting my fears rule, I was able to find strength, confidence, and beauty in my experience.

Robin Wilson – Teacher

Annique Sampson - Midwife

When I came to Katherine, I felt like I was carrying so much for so many people that I was about to crumble under the weight of the overwhelm. Deep down, I knew I needed to make big changes, but I felt guilty about letting people down. As a result, I experienced mood swings, and I never had time for much of anything that brought me joy.

It was a leap of faith to invest in working with Katherine, as I’d experiencing unfulfilling relationships with therapists before. I wasn’t sure if this would be different. But I knew that I needed to simplify and create the structure so that my work could feel sustainable and nourishing again, so I took the leap of faith. And, I’m so happy that I did.

Working with Katherine helped me learn to trust in myself, honor my needs, find my voice, and know that it’s okay to speak my truth. Katherine gave me the support and encouragement I needed to let go of a significant piece of my work, which was the right step at the right time. It is amazing how different I feel now. I’ve sighed a huge breath of relief. I’ve lifted a weight from my body, and I have a physical sense of freedom and openness in my being.

I now have space in my life to do things I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I know it sounds cliché, but six months after working with Katherine as my online coach, I feel like the world is my oyster, and I’m on the right path.

Annique Sampson – Midwife –

Lena Morimoto – Labor & Delivery Nurse

As I work with Katherine, I feel more and more comfortable and accepting of myself. I have gotten so much better at taking care of myself, accepting my needs, limits, and boundaries, and taking the steps towards what is right for me at any moment. I judge myself less, and I worry less about what others think about me. And because I am clearer with myself, I am clearer with others.

Working with Katherine, I have lost weight, increased my energy, and made important improvements in my home environment. My time management has improved, and I have a better understanding of how to balance my time at work, with other people and alone in nature. I am now more adept at structuring the rhythm of my life in a balanced way that gives me energy and enthusiasm.

Katherine is intuitive, insightful, and a gifted guide. She provides a safe space to gently develop self-trust, self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love. She is always so open and present with whatever I may bring in that day, and I always feel better about myself and my life when I walk out of a session.

Lena Morimoto – Labor & Delivery Nurse

Heather Loomis - Public Health Nurse

Katherine helped me to discover what I really want for my life. I have learned to use my voice, and other people’s criticism doesn’t bother me like it used to. My stress is almost gone, and as a result, I no longer eat because I’m stressed. I joke that meeting with Katherine has become “my chocolate,” as my cravings for chocolate and other sweet foods have gone down drastically since I began my work with her.

Katherine also helped me to simplify my life, which helped me to reconnect with my eight-year-old daughter. I am having so much more fun in my life, I spend more time with friends, and I have grown to love where I live.  And now, there are even times when I allow myself not to do anything at all!

Heather Loomis – Public Health Nurse

Amy life coaching

I initially reached out to Katherine for online life coaching because I was a high-achieving workaholic with a very successful career and a young son and needed to figure out how to find some balance in my life. However, as I worked with Katherine as my life coach, I gained so much more.

Not only have I achieved more work-life balance than ever, but I also gained the courage and self-confidence to let go of things that held me back from being my full self. I learned to listen to my intuition, quiet the inner critic, set healthy boundaries and am creating space for what I’m most excited about – a budding new entrepreneurial career and a life aligned with my truest self.

Amy – Leadership Consultant

Sally - Jeweler

Katherine helped me to access the courage to leave a job I had been in for over 25 years, which was holding me back on many levels. I’ve gone from feeling anxious in the pit of my stomach to feeling inner peace, strength, comfort, and confidence to take on my world.

Katherine has an innate sense of knowing where to go in each session. She pulls out of me what I need to focus on without thinking there’s anything wrong with me and helps me to connect the dots with self-compassion. Katherine has become the voice of affirmation and support on my shoulder as I go through my days. She does not tell me what to do, and she does not try to fix me. Instead, she teaches me how to listen to myself.

I wholeheartedly recommend Katherine to anyone who wants to organize their life, up their game, and embark on a journey of connecting to who they truly are!

Sally – Jeweler

Pam Kinsmith, Communications Director

I wasn’t happy in my job for a long time and wasn’t sure how or what I should do to move on from it in a productive way. It felt unfulfilling, lacked meaning and the collaborative environment that I really missed.

With Katherine’s career coaching support, I got clear on what I wanted in a new career. Through our time together, I gained greater confidence, received the feedback I needed to weigh the pros and cons of potential jobs, and left my old position with grace. I was able to review opportunities without rushing into them as I might have done in the past. As a result, I found a new career that feeds my desires for meaningful work, a creative environment, and a collaborative team. I couldn’t be more grateful to have Katherine as my transition coach.

Pam Kinsmith – Communications Director


Kursten Holabird - Union Campaign Coordinator

I first came to Katherine for transition coaching in the midst of a huge life change. I’d moved across the country with my husband and children, and although I was able to keep working with the same national organization after the move, my job changed substantially. Previously, I’d worked in an exciting, high-paced environment with lots of connections to colleagues and the people we served. In my new location, I was at home, alone, and felt disconnected from my passion.

Katherine helped me decide whether to change career paths or stay at the same organization. I reconnected with my passion, navigated several difficult conversations, and got clear what I truly needed from a job. As a result, I decided to stay at the same organization but to redefine my position.

Online career coaching with Katherine taught me how to focus on (and experience!) what is good in my life. Rather than letting my challenges suck up my energy and make me feel stuck, I now know how to slow down, connect with myself, and create an action plan that feels good. And I now get to experience all of the deliciousness in the moments when I’m present!

Kursten Holabird – Union Campaign Coordinator

Robin McKeon - Physical Therapist

Katherine helped me learn to enjoy being in the driver’s seat while allowing life to show me the way. Our work together began with a desire to further myself professionally. And yet over time, we touched on many aspects of life.

I now feel clear and grounded about my next steps forward. By learning to relax, get quiet, and listen, I awakened to a purpose I could not have predicted. I feel energized and committed to this project in a way that I cannot remember feeling for a long time.

By going after my passion, I’m modeling leadership and bravery to my children. And because I’m now more fulfilled and tapped into what is meaningful for me, I feel a much greater connection with my family and an ability to be present when we’re together.

Katherine helped me to better organize, communicate, set goals, and develop authentic confidence. I now notice the subtleties that make all the difference in reaching my ideal effectiveness, creativity, availability, and satisfaction in my work.

Each session with Katherine gave me the strength to know myself more and embrace the fact that I’m the artist who creates my own path. It now feels natural for me to let the next step on my path to bubble up and to act with creativity, interest, excitement, joy, and fulfillment. I look forward to taking this new connection with my inner truth into other areas of my life and continuing to connect with what truly matters!

Robin McKeon – Physical Therapist

Shawn Wrisley - Business Consultant

I’m the father of two kids under six-years-old, and I was one year into my new business when I decided to work with Katherine. I’d put together a solid business plan and had the numbers down cold, but I hadn’t planned for the stress of being a one-person show. I had a lot to learn about time management.

Katherine taught me tools to deal with the stress of being a business owner, such as how to set priorities and set up systems to keep track of all of my tasks. Just as importantly, she helped me learn to accept the fact that I’m not in complete control of everything but to focus on what I can control. After only a few short sessions, I was experiencing less stress and could focus more on finding new clients. Instead of trying to do everything at once, I now have a step-by-step process that feels manageable. Most importantly, I’ve learned that I can be successful in my business while also being true to myself and my clients.

The tools I learned allow me to manage my time better and focus on what’s most important. As an added benefit, reducing the stress at work has reduced the amount of stress I normally bring home. My family is experiencing the benefits, too.

Shawn Wrisley – Business Consultant

Mariah Kurtz

As a recent college graduate, transitioning into the professional world was confusing and overwhelming. Online coaching with Katherine helped me learn how I work best, what questions I should ask my supervisors to get my work done efficiently, and gave me honest feedback about the way I present myself.

Soon after working with Katherine, I got a promotion. I now have much more interesting work, a lot more responsibility, and a supervisor who communicates clearly and thinks through things the same way I do.

I still use a lot of the tools and strategies I learned with Katherine to formulate my schedule and routines, and as a result, working from home has become SO MUCH EASIER. That cannot be emphasized enough. It was a real struggle before I worked with Katherine, but I actually enjoy it now.

Mariah Kurtz – Urban Planner

Adrienne Nunez

Before working with Katherine, I was going through a really intense period on my committee.

I had never experienced work this stressful, and it felt impossible to wade through the intense disagreements and bureaucratic chaos with any sense of calm or clarity.

My group consists of an interesting mix of demographics, generations and communication styles, and I was focused on making sure everyone else’s needs were met. I was starting to feel taken advantage of, and interactions with certain people were triggering a lot of anxiety. I worried that in order to be a successful chairperson, I was going to have to adopt an authoritarian leadership style that I didn’t identify with.

In a search for support addressing conflicts between committee members and helping the group work better together, I reached out to Katherine.

Working with Katherine transformed how I communicate.

I had a good amount of self-awareness before working with Katherine, but she helped me recognize my limiting stories and unhelpful ways of communicating and handling stress. I learned to unravel the stories that created anxiety, choose stories that serve me better, and see situations more clearly.

She also helped me get far more grounded in my values and vision. I thought I was clear about these before working together, so the impact was surprising. I now have a much easier time getting out of the weeds and staying centered around my priorities and true motivations.

The communication skills I learned help me to lead with compassion and focus.

In meetings, I learned to listen closely for people’s underlying needs and requests, and as a result, I am a better facilitator. I am able to help others articulate what they need and choose a response that supports my long term vision. When other peoples’ emotions run hot, I’m able to take a step back, remember what is important and understand the other person’s underlying need.

I no longer get hijacked by other people’s agendas or judgements, and I no longer ignore my needs in order to please others.

I’ve become more comfortable with being direct and asking for what I need. As a result, I am now able to satisfy my duties as chairperson of the committee while maintaining healthy boundaries for myself.

I am fascinated and appreciative that the skills I acquired while working with Katherine have helped me to maintain a compassionate view of others AND take better care of my own needs.

Even just observing how Katherine facilitates helped me improve my skills.

If you’re going back and forth about whether to reach out for support, I encourage you to call Katherine!

If you want to get clear on what drives you, your vision and your values, call Katherine. If you want to know what it would it be like to really be supported and seen. If you want to learn to the skills that will help you reach your goals, work with Katherine.

Living in our fast-paced world, we each need a space where we can pause and get quiet. Where we can let the dust settle and see what’s really true and important. Katherine offers this type of space.

If you think this support would feel great, please do yourself the favor and reach out to Katherine.

Adrienne Nunez – Greenfield School Committee Chairperson

Sandy Sayers, Executive Director, United Way of Franklin County

Over the last year, I worked with Katherine as my executive coach to accomplish my goals. Through our work, I learned a lot about myself, my strengths, and my weaknesses. What an eye-opener! We talked honestly and openly about my leadership skills and how to build my confidence and ability to trust myself.

Katherine is so skilled. She’s open, welcoming and supportive. It’s not easy to talk about our weaknesses or recognize our strengths. Leaders can be very hard on themselves. I learned to relax and trust my ideas!

Sandy Sayers – Executive Director – United Way of Franklin County

Tess, Start-Up VP

I’m the only woman on an all-male executive team at a start-up company, and at first, I had a difficult time feeling like I had a place on the team. Before I met Katherine, I was caught in a cycle of analysis paralysis, and nothing was really changing. Now, I have a much better understanding of what I want, and I’ve been able to actually change my situation, rather than just thinking about fixing it.

Katherine helped me realize that for real change, I need to look within. I now listen to myself in a much deeper way, instead of just hanging out in my head. Rather than looking to other people to feel good about myself, I’m tapping into what I know to be true about who I am and what I’m capable of. Instead of being passive, I now know how to take control and shape how I experience my life (work and otherwise).

I’ve taken so many classes on self-growth, and two main things set Katherine apart. First, she has a style that’s zero judgment. Many people in the “coaching” field have a certain vibe that makes it hard for me to feel like I can be my full self. Katherine, on the other hand, is completely accepting and real, and working with her has allowed me to get to a place that is super authentic.

Second, the tools and teachings she offers are much more practical and easy-to-apply than a lot of the other stuff out there. Many classes give you the background and theory, but then you don’t know what to do with it. She explains the research behind the practices she teaches, and then she tells you how to apply it to your own life. Her teachings actually get you results.

Tess – Start-Up VP

Molly Kitchen

Dear Katherine,
Sign-up for my first Yoga Teacher Training is going wonderfully (thanks to all your support!). I have nine trainees already enrolled! Yesterday, I had my first phone call with someone who was interested in the training but had never met me… I was a little nervous, but confident and clear, and she ended up signing up at the end of the call!

Thank you so much for helping get on track with my business. I feel clear, confident, and capable. Business coaching with you has helped me gain a lot of necessary entrepreneurial skills–time management, getting paid what I’m worth, prioritizing tasks, website management–and you’ve helped me learn how to be more resourceful on my own as I move forward.

Speaking very practically, my investment in coaching with you has been TOTALLY worth it, and I’ve made back my investment many times over with new clients & programs.

Much thanks and appreciation!

Molly Kitchen – Yoga Instructor –

I started working with Katherine as a business coach for my acupuncture business in July 2015. Within the first few months, she helped me hone my mission, clean up my website, and raise my prices. She convinced me—all the way to my gut—that I was selling a valuable service and deserved to make a living doing this work.

By January, I paid off $13,000 worth of debt, coming into the black for the first time in over two years. For the first time since I opened my doors, I now run a for-profit business, not a full-time hobby.

I recommend Katherine for business coaching to anyone from the first days of contemplating a business to the deep throws of established business debt and confusion. She won’t just help you grow your business. She will remind you how to live and love your life.

If you secretly enjoy being broke, Katherine is not the right business coach for you. But if you are hungry to finally make a living that matches the amount of energy you expend in your business, you’d better call her up. Her fee is the down payment on a life of financial success.

Courtney Hill – Acupuncturist –

Saralee Hofrichter - Esthetician

Katherine helped open up a new world to me. She immediately recognized how I could leverage my offerings. With her heart-centered questions and business expertise, she helped me become clear about how to talk about the work that I do. Katherine offers her clients keys to unlock so many doors, loving guidance, and tons of information and resources. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity in their business.

Saralee Hofrichter – Esthetician –

Josiah Bouricius - Feng Shui Consultant

Since I started working with Katherine, I’ve experienced many amazing transformations. As a holistic professional with altruistic motivations, I struggled for years with the belief that I couldn’t do well while doing good. After working with Katherine, I now feel like earning a good income from my healing work is both perfectly okay and very possible. This transformation in my attitude around money is such a relief after years of financial struggles and related inner conflicts.

Katherine also helped me to focus and prioritize. Before working with Katherine, I was just throwing marketing efforts out there at random to see what worked and wasting time, money, and energy without any clear idea of what was actually going to help me connect with new clients.  Katherine knows what works and what doesn’t and has helped me to get clear on the kind of clients I want to work with, how to reach them, and thus how to focus my efforts.

With Katherine’s coaching, I’ve been able to do things I never thought I would. She has a way of pushing me beyond the edge of what I thought I could do in a way that feels natural and right. After two and a half months of working with her, I am several giant leaps closer to where I want to be and feel like I have a clear path with all the support I need to get there.

Josiah Bouricius – Feng Shui Consultant –

Julie A. Manning, Organization Coach

When I found Katherine, I had been in business for 2 years, but hadn’t developed a client base or made any money. I knew I wanted to work with the ADD/ADHD population, but I didn’t know how to get there. After one meeting with Katherine, she was able to cut through the haze and give me an idea of a direction. She recognized that there are a lot of health coaches out there, but that I had an affinity for helping people with organizing. And Simply Focused Coaching was born!

The biggest improvements I have experienced from working with Katherine are fine tuning my focus to discover who my tribe is, figuring out how to reach them, and getting my website up and running. The most helpful aspect of working with Katherine was that she actually listened to me and understood what I was trying to say. Some days I didn’t know what I was trying to say! She was infinitely patient and was very helpful when it came to taming the voice that wanted me to believe I couldn’t do this.

I would most definitely recommend Katherine to others! Without her assistance I would not now have an amazing website with a really cool free giveaway, and clients! Without Katherine, I would still be running around in circles trying to figure out where I wanted to go.

Thank you, Katherine!

Julie A. Manning – Organization Coach –

Sarah McDowell - Artist

In a society that leads women to feel like they are never good enough, Katherine challenged me to take pride and find joy without constantly comparing myself to others.

She helped me to discover a greater sense of self-worth and awe for myself, which was a huge shift for me.

Sarah McDowell – Artist


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