A client of mine recently went through a momentous life transition.

At the end of it, she felt the urge to purge her house of anything and everything she didn’t love. But, she told me, part of her worried that decluttering was a waste of her time, and her inner Judge was even saying it was a bit selfish to focus that much time on her home.

Of course, I encouraged her to follow her inner wisdom. And, I also told her what I’ll tell you now—

Decluttering your physical space is one of the most powerful steps you can take to creating mental and emotional space in your life.

If you want to bring in a new job, new clients, a new relationship, or some other delicious newness into your life, it is absolutely worth it to invest time and energy on creating space in your home.

At least once every year, I declutter my apartment. Marie Kondo, the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, encourages her readers to, one by one, pick up every single item in their homes and ask themselves if it sparks joy. If so, keep it. If not, get rid of it.

My partner moved in recently, and we took the opportunity of merging homes to do this process again. It never seizes to amaze me how much lighter I feel after dropping items I no longer use at the local Survival Center. I hope someone else will make good use of them, as I make good use of my space.

And what’s sometimes even more surprising are the external results.

A few years ago, after a slow period in my business, I decluttered my apartment, and the next month, six new clients signed up.

Whether you’re at work or home, try this now:

  • For the next five minutes, take a look at your surroundings.
  • Notice what sparks joy and what doesn’t spark joy.
  • If you can, get rid of something that brings up a feeling of dissatisfaction or stress.
  • If you don’t have the time to do that right now, but you want to create more space in your life, make a plan to devote just fifteen minutes to decluttering.

Stay curious about what sparks joy.

The more you surround yourself only with things that bring you joy, the easier it’ll be to create a life that reflects what you love.

If you’re facing a big decision and feel stuck, I invite you to check out my career coaching program and explore the possibility of receiving support.


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