Small group career coaching for people who want work that makes a difference and is deeply fulfilling

Do you long for work that is meaningful and sustaining but struggle with a lack of clarity, confidence, or focus?

Career Clarity Group

   You care deeply about the state of our world, and you want to do your part to make this world a better place. And, deep down, you know you have a unique contribution to make. But right now, you feel stuck not living up to your highest potential.

   You want work that brings you alive and makes a significant contribution. And, you want to express yourself fully, sustain yourself financially, have time for the people you love, and feel supported at work.

   But right now, you feel confused and overwhelmed. Should you stay where you are? Find a similar job elsewhere? Start a business? Switch career paths? So many questions. So little clarity.

Sometimes, you even doubt that change is possible.

You don’t have to feel this stuck. You can get crystal clear and confident about your path forward towards work you love. The Calling Clarity Group can help.


Who is this program for exactly?

This career coaching group is ideal for you if you are:

  • Doing the work that people always said you should do, but you’re not happy.
  • Burnt out working long hours in work that makes a difference and want to find a way to work that’s balanced and nourishing, while still making a contribution.
  • Someone who has multiple passions and wants to create a life that encompasses everything you love.
  • Less than satisfied in your current work and uncertain about whether you want to stay and try to make it better or transition to something new.
  • Ready to find new work you love but don’t know yet what type of work you want.
  • Someone who knows there’s something more to life and want to find your next level calling.

You’re tired of going back and forth in your mind about what to do next. You want to start moving forward.

Kursten Holabird - Union Campaign CoordinatorI first came to Katherine for career coaching in the midst of a huge life change. I’d moved across the country with my husband and children, and although I was able to keep working with the same national organization after the move, my job changed substantially. Previously, I’d worked in an exciting, high-paced environment with lots of connections to colleagues and the people we served. In my new location, I was at home, alone, and felt disconnected from my passion.

Katherine helped me decide whether to change career paths or stay at the same organization. I reconnected with my passion, navigated several difficult conversations, and got clear what I truly needed from a job. As a result, I decided to stay at the same organization but to redefine my position.

Career coaching with Katherine taught me how to focus on (and experience!) what is good in my life. Rather than letting my challenges suck up my energy and make me feel stuck, I now know how to slow down, connect with myself, and create an action plan that feels good. And I now get to experience all of the deliciousness in the moments when I’m present!

Kursten Holabird – Union Campaign Coordinator

When you’re struggling to get clear about your next steps in your career, you need three things:

1.  A Strong Inner Foundation:

Learning to hear the messages of your inner guidance, develop habits you can rely on to stay focused, and let go of the old stories, habits, fears, and doubts that hold you back.

2.  Alignment Between What You Offer & What They Need:

Identifying what your ideals clients, employers, or collaborators want and need—in their language. Getting clear about your gifts, strengths, skills, experiences, values, desires, and passions. And, discovering the sweet spot where these all align to create work you love.

3.  Clear & Confident Communication:

Learning how to build relationships with potential clients and collaborators, have effective and courageous conversations with current employers and important people in your life, and clearly articulate the value you bring.

In this intimate group of people facing very similar challenges, you’ll develop each of these skills so that you can discover and stay on the path that’s best for you long into the future, no matter what forks in the road you find.

My career coaching group will help you master each of these pieces so that you can create a career you love.

Pam Kinsmith, Communications DirectorI wasn’t happy in my job for a long time and wasn’t sure how or what I should do to move on from it in a productive way. It felt unfulfilling, lacked meaning and the collaborative environment that I really missed.

With Katherine’s career coaching support, I got clear on what I wanted in a new career. Through our time together, I gained greater confidence, received the feedback I needed to weigh the pros and cons of potential jobs, and left my old position with grace. I was able to review opportunities without rushing into them as I might have done in the past. As a result, I found a new career that feeds my desires for meaningful work, a creative environment, and a collaborative team. I couldn’t be more grateful to have Katherine as my career coach.

Pam Kinsmith – Communications Director

Why do this group thing, instead of individual coaching?

You know you want personalized attention to help you stay accountable and finally move forward. You want a career coach with the experience and skill to help you get to where you want to be (and to figure out where exactly that is!). Sometimes, individual coaching is the answer. But other times, it may be out of your budget (a typical private coaching client invests $750/month, more in the first month). And, if you like to learn and receive support from other people on a similar path, small group coaching can be even more effective. In addition to the same curriculum and compassionate accountability, you get a hand-picked group of people who are on a very similar path and who have your back.

What’s Included?

Two Sessions Per Month, with Personalized Attention

I limit this group to a maximum of six people so that everyone gets personalized support, focused attention, and plenty of airtime. We’ll use a video conference platform called Zoom so that we can all see each other. We’ll meet two Fridays each month, from 8:30-10:15am Eastern, on the following dates:

January 4 & 18 | February 1 & 15 | March 1 & 15 | April 5 & 30 | May 10 & 24 | May 31 & June 21| July 12 & 26 | Aug 9 & 23 | Sept 6 & 20 | Oct 4 & 18 | Nov 1 & 15 | Nov 29 & Dec 13

One 75-Minute Private Session to Start

We’ll start our work together in a private session. During this time, you’ll create a personalized development plan, which will help you focus on what’s most important to you and hold you throughout our work together. Your personal development plan will include competency-based outcomes (habits you’re developing throughout our work together), an embodied commitment, and space for action steps.

Unlimited Written Support Between Sessions

Between sessions, I invite and welcome you to reach out with questions and requests for feedback. I will personally answer every question you ask and respond to every request.

A Community of Practice

This group is for people who are tired of trying to figure things out alone and want the accountability and support of a team that wants to see you succeed. We’ll use a members-only Facebook group where you can check in whenever you feel stuck and get help to keep moving forward. I also encourage members to get on the phone with each other as an added support, and I offer a guide to partnering to help you maximize the impact of these calls.

The Curriculum

You’ll have access to my extensive step-by-step written career coaching curriculum to help you develop a strong inner foundation, discover the sweet spot between what you offer and what the world needs, and communicate with clarity and confidence. The curriculum I teach is evidence-based and integrates smart strategy with transformative inner work.

Optional: Additional Private Coaching

If you want additional, private support, there’s an option for you! Many clients feel that private coaching is enough, but others want additional support to help them accelerate their progress even more. If you believe that some added, personalized support would benefit you, you can sign up for private sessions at $250/hour.

Along with the group, you get me…

…a fiercely compassionate mentor who is deeply committed to helping professionals who want to make a difference in the world create work that is deeply fulfilling and meaningful.

I bring a deep understanding and extensive experience with career strategy, communication skills-building, personal transformation, and group facilitation. I believe that each of us has a responsibility to share our gifts with the world, and I am committed to helping you create work you love. To learn more about me, click here.

Your Commitment

I ask that each member to make a minimum six-month commitment so that there’s no revolving door feeling. If new spaces open, new members may join, but only with a six-month commitment.

Rather than just writing resumes and cover letters, our work together goes deep and gives you the support you need to design the life you want. It usually takes about six months to get clear on what you want from your work-life and put the pieces in place to get there.

If in the rare case you feel like you’ve “arrived” and have exactly the work and life you want before six months are over, you can complete your time with the group. However, if you’re still a work in progress, I ask you to hold your commitment so that you can keep receiving support and the spirit of the group feels cohesive. That said, many of my clients get so much value from the work that they continue working with me in one of my programs for one to two years.

The Cost

$300 per month. ($600 the first month.)

SallyKatherine helped me to access the courage to leave a job I had been in for over 25 years, which was holding me back on many levels. I’ve gone from feeling anxious in the pit of my stomach to feeling inner peace, strength, comfort, and confidence to take on my world.

Katherine has an innate sense of knowing where to go in each session. She pulls out of me what I need to focus on without thinking there’s anything wrong with me and helps me to connect the dots with self-compassion. Katherine has become the voice of affirmation and support on my shoulder as I go through my days. She does not tell me what to do, and she does not try to fix me. Instead, she teaches me how to listen to myself.

I wholeheartedly recommend Katherine to anyone who wants to organize their life, up their game, and embark on a journey of connecting to who they truly are!

Sally – Jeweler

So, how do you get in?

Two steps. First, fill out the application below. Then, we’ll get on the phone together. Together, we’ll figure if small group coaching is the best way to help you create work you love.

Ready? Let’s go! Just fill out the application form below, and I’ll be in touch soon—usually in less than two business days. I’m looking forward to talking with you!


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