Welcome! I’m so excited you’ve decided to invest in yourself and join me for From Boundaries to Beyond Burnout!

As promised, here are all your goodies:

Click here to download your digital copy of From Boundaries to Beyond Burnout: A 3-Minute Practice for Honoring Your Needs, While Still Making an Impact.


  • Click here to download Bonus #1: Guided Audio Recording of the Orientation Practice.
  • Click here to download Bonus #2: The Orientation Practice Guidesheet.
  • Click here to download Bonus #3: Three-Dimensions Centering Practice audio recording.
  • Click here to download Bonus #4: The Priority Needs Wheel.

And, for when you have questions…


If you have any questions while reading the book or engaging in the bonuses, please email me at: beyondboundaries@callingsandcourage.com.


Once a month for at least two hours, I sit with readers’ questions, answer at least one question that feels relevant to all readers, and send a Q&A response (with names removed for confidentiality) to all readers. I commit to doing this for at least one year following your purchase.


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I hope you enjoy the learning, and please do not hesitate to reach out for support.


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