I’ve refined my approach over thirteen years of working with hundreds of big-hearted, vision-driven people.

I draw on my background in the following six realms to help my clients harness their personal power in service of collective transformation:

One: Developmental Coaching

Development coaching is a structured, consistent, and dynamic partnership that helps you get clear on your path forward, develop the skills you need to reach your vision, and achieve your goals over the long term.

Depending on a client’s needs, a coach can wear the hats of an accountability partner, thought-partner, emotional accompanier, mirror, investigator, teacher, mentor, and guide.

I launched my full-time coaching practice in January 2013, and in 2017, I completed the rigorous Presence-Based Coaching certification. Coaching has been my primary work for the past ten years.

Two: Somatics

Soma is a Greek word that means “the body, mind, heart, and soul, together in their wholeness.” Somatics engages the soma as the primary source of transformation. It is, in simpler words, body-based.

Somatics can be particularly helpful when we know something to be true but struggle to follow through. It can help us heal trauma, move beyond mental ruts that otherwise keep us stuck, and align our entire selves toward our deepest longings.

I initially trained in somatics in 2009, when I became a yoga teacher and birth doula. Since then, I’ve helped my clients reconnect with their bodies so they make decisions informed by the wisdom below their necks, develop new habits, and access greater joy.

Three: Systemic Constellations

The systemic constellations methodology has roots with the Zulu people of South Africa and was further developed in Germany (and has little to do with astronomy). It is now widely practiced throughout Europe and Latin America and is becoming better known in the US.

Constellations are physical representations of elements within a system that can help us access information our bodies hold, but our minds are not yet conscious of. They can help heal intergenerational trauma, access clarity about confusing organizational dynamics and shed light on hidden patterns keeping us stuck.

I discovered systemic constellations in a class for my MBA in 2017, and I have been a student constellator ever since. I now integrate family and organizational constellations into my work to help clients access insights that move them forward.

Four: Radical Discernment

Over my nine-plus years of coaching, I’ve discovered a skill set that consistently helps my clients increase both their impact and joy. I call this skill set radical discernment.

Radical discernment is the skill of perceiving and choosing that which helps us honor our personal and collective needs.

The skill of radical discernment helps us prevent burnout, set boundaries that serve us and our collaborators, and show up in ways that make us proud. With radical discernment, we become better equipped to move toward justice and joy, connection and contribution, personal healing and collective liberation.

To learn the core practices of radical discernment, click here.

Five: Community Organizing

I have been a student of community organizing since I co-founded the Progressive Students Alliance on my college campus when I was 19, in 2002, during the lead-up to the second Iraq War.

In The Purpose of Power, Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza writes, “The mission and purpose of organizing is to build power. Without power, we are unable to change conditions in our communities that hurt us. A movement is successful if it transforms the dynamics and relationships of power.”

I help my clients see beyond the reactivities and restrictions of day-to-day work (while still getting the job done) so they can build collective power and mobilize their community toward the futures they imagine.

Six: Equity & Justice Lens

As a white, cisgender, able-bodied woman with multiple proximities to power, I am committed to the ongoing work of dismantling external systems of oppression, rooting out my own internalized biases, and creating a world in which all peoples’ needs are met.

I integrate an equity and justice lens into all my work. I am committed to holding myself accountable, especially to Black, Indigenous, and communities of color, through ongoing learning, relationship-building, and activism.

I support my clients to name their commitments to justice and equity, see their work through an equity and justice lens, and hold themselves accountable to their commitments.

I weave together these approaches to help my clients align with their deepest values, develop the skills they need to be most effective, and find joy in the long haul.

Curious to learn more about ways to work with me and experience this support for yourself? Click here to learn the options.


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